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By: Marianne B. Conway
The introduction of Flip camcorders into the market created a whole new sub-genre of electronics: pocket HD camcorders. They have been flying off the shelves for years now thanks to their tiny size, ease of use, and low price tag. Unfortunately for Flip fans, however, Cisco announced they would stop manufacturing the popular device. Even though Flip camcorders will remain on the market for some time, is it worth buying one at all?

Although the business is not being sold to another manufacturer, Cisco will continue to support the Flip line until the end of December, 2013. In a world where gadgets usually last a year or two at most, this is ample support time for current customers, and means that you'll be looked after should anything go wrong.

The number one concern of potential customers is that they can still receive support for their product. Thankfully Cisco have answered this question in full, which should put many minds at rest. All Flip cameras come with a one year warranty, which will remain in place starting from when you buy your product.

Support for the Flip software will end on December 31, 2013. The software is still going to work (meaning you can still edit and organize your videos), but it will no longer be updated, and video sharing will no longer be supported.

The good news is that you can easily use any other video software to organize and edit your Flip movies. This includes software that usually comes as standard on Windows and Mac computers. If you use different software already, then there's absolutely nothing to worry about. The only drawback is for those who were used to the video sharing process and will now have a learning curve for new software.

Even though they aren't going to see any new models, there are still plenty of the Flip camcorders available to buy. They are still the most popular pocket video camcorder on the market thanks to the fact that they're so easy to use. It's definitely still worth buying a Flip if you decide that it's the right device for you. However, note that there are alternatives out there from the likes of Kodak and Sony. Decide which features matter most for you and find a pocket camcorder to match.

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