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By: ParagonSchool
About the class - Your student is counting on you to provide capable assistance and guidance. Much is resting on your ability to teach and entertain. That’s why Instructors must acquire training and experience. At Paragon we provide you with both—because your students will bring you a long list of questions, issues, doubts and aspirations. The Paragon class teaches you professionalism—hands-on sporting clays, trap and skeet knowledge—and working communication skills.

Equipment and safety questions; eye dominance issues; recoil and gun fit solutions; target presentation strategies; shooting methods; scoring skills; goals and follow-through plans—these are just a few of the many topics that go across a busy Instructor’s desk every day. Working with men, women and youngsters of all ages and skill levels—and the social and wingshooter—the Paragon Instructor provides each client with sensible, trustworthy leadership.

Teaching skills are much different from shooting skills. Can you prepare the proper lesson plan based on student goals? Is today’s emphasis on entertainment or skill development? Can you correctly diagnose the shooter’s swing and shot? Based on what you saw, can you communicate the proper adjustments? Because our shooter’s success rests on our shoulders, patience, competence and personalized service are the hallmarks of the Paragon Instructor.

We believe Instructor credibility is about certification, and about real world teaching skills and expertise. If you are seriously contemplating working with shooters expectations and desires—and wish to prepare for that—please consider the Paragon Professional Associate program.

The objective at C.I.S. is to provide a learning center for those who sincerely want to achieve recognized instructor skills in the clay target disciplines, primarily Sporting Clays. For shooters in pursuit of their shotgun goals, every aspect of the C.I.S. program is dedicated to assisting you in becoming a highly skilled, reputable source for instructional services. Here, the instructor candidates can study the mechanical and mental aspects of the clay target sports; acquire the tools of our trade; and take their teaching to the next level.

To instruct successfully requires effective communication. At C.I.S., we believe what you communicate and how you communicate rightly defines your abilities as an instructor.

Like shooting, teaching is more an art than a science, and requires a different set of skills. To learn the art of instructing and obtain a certification will require the study of why shooter performance can only be as strong as the shooter’s form and the mental strengths of the individual.

Eager, anxious, doubting, sometimes fearful,..... shooting clients deserve the instructor’s respect and utmost care. C.I.S. is committed to helping you assist all your clients, safely, with first-hand knowledge, expertise, kindness and concern.

There are many types of clients, all with personalized goals and commitment levels, from entertainment to formal instruction. Be it the corporate and social shooter or the competitor—beginner to advanced—our instructors are groomed to work with a comprehensive list of physical, psychological and shooting related tasks.

Wingshooting is the foundation, and purpose, for many who participate in sporting clays. Teaching, business and recreational aspects of wingshooting are predominant topics in C.I.S. classes.

Men and women are invited to study for a certification. To foster female participation in our sport—and better inform male instructors—female considerations are a component of the certification classes.

The instructor teaches respect for the game and discovery of one’s capabilities. Student performance improves and confidence does emerge as the instructor patiently uncovers and reveals the student’s natural talents.

Exemplifying safety, competency and a consummate level of professionalism, these are the hallmarks of our instructor.

4 Levels of Certification are available through this premier program:

1. Professional Associate
The Professional Associate is, first and foremost, inspired to help others who wish to explore our sport for recreational and possibly competitive purposes. This Associate is comprehensively trained in many specific areas to work with the corporate, recreational, entry level, intermediate and wing shooter—of all ages and both genders. The business of teaching is introduced. The Professional Associate certification requires practical diagnostic, problem solving and communication skills.

For informal sessions, emphasis is placed on safety, recreation and entertainment.

For the student shooter who wishes to elevate performance and score, Associate training is directed towards safety; equipment selection; visual issues; target set-up criteria; shooting methods (selection and implementation); and sight picture development. The basics of good shooting form are emphasized at every step of instructor training.

For the student shooter whose goals include the rigors of competition, this Associate learns 1) effective and reliable shooting methodology; 2) correct, repeatable and consistent gun management; and 3) a mental and mechanical approach which will firmly support the later requirements of advanced shooting.

2. Senior Associate
The Senior Associate will have a clear, working understanding of the shooting methods and procedures used by the Professional Associate.

The Senior Associate will be dedicated and thoroughly versed in assisting all skill levels, including the student whose skills have advanced beyond intermediate levels and wishes to maximize his shooting and possibly competition skills.

Objectives are to teach goal definition and tracking; rgm reduction; familiarity training through practice drills; comfort zone expansion; effective distraction management; pre-shot routine development; concentration enhancement and stability; pre—mid—and post tournament strategies; and scoring strategies.

Mental fitness: the Senior Associate will also be versed in working with diverse student personalities, emotions studies, and a dynamic belief system.

3. Master Associate
The Master Associate Certification is, with a few possible exceptions, reserved for those who make a career of teaching in the Clay Target disciplines. Here, the mental aspects of shooting and competition are examined extensively along with the successful business concepts of teaching and coaching. Professional and Senior Certifications required.

4. Mentor Associate
The Senior or Master Associate who’s proven by deeds and reputation to be worthy of Mentoring responsibilities. To be accessible to Professional Associates seeking problem solving and/or confirmations. School objective is to strategically place its Mentors, nationally and internationally.

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