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By: Bill Perez
When first breaking into the dizzying world of financial market analysis, virtually all amateur traders quickly realize that without any assistance whatsoever the odds of going bust are overwhelming. Those who don't, with very few exceptions, tend to lose a substantial amount of money before coming to the same realization. In lieu of rigorously developed methods and time-tested decision making skills, many new traders base important market interpretations and trading judgments on subjectively biased prejudices and emotional inclinations. The hard truth is that learning how to earn consistent excess returns from day trading or any other investment strategy requires years of study, experience, and tough self-examination. Nevertheless, there is an easier way to navigate the otherwise unforgiving learning curve as well as to save quite a bit of money during the initial stages of developing into a successful trader. The first step is to limit the learning process to the simplest kind of day forex trading training material: day trading advice. What is day trading? Day trading refers to very quick trades which a trader opens and closes within one single trading day. Avoiding overnight positions reduces a vast amount of risk, in addition to restricting the information needed to form a successful trading strategy to the bare essentials. The amount of information needed in order to confidently enter long term trades overly complicates a potential trading strategy for the new trader.

What if it were possible to eliminate all subjective bias, inexperience with developing a consistent and reliable trading strategy, as well as the confusion surrounding the relative importance of entry and exit points, stop/loss limits, and profit targets? A mature, consistently profitable trader is able to determine all of these factors on his or her own, but a person new to day trading may need some assistance. Many amateur traders spend years scouring the internet and day trading training conferences in search of the crucial intraday trading tips and methods necessary to form a profitable strategy, usually giving up after being let down time and time again. Fortunately, Tsunami Trading Educators has provided an elegant solution to the novice trader's dilemma. The Tsunami Day Trading Robot (TSUBOT) is an absolutely mechanical package of computer software which was developed by experts who have built solid careers out of day trading the forex markets. TSUOBOT distills vast swathes of complex technical data including market patterns, trends, and current trading action into concrete, manageable day trading advice. Tsunami's proprietary software focuses on Price, Momentum, and Volume; the historical movements of these three values may appear random to the inexperience eye, but through the rigorous, mathematical formula embedded in TSUBOT this data set is transformed into intelligible intraday trading tips. The software is suitable for any market, account size, and time period.

There are many other trading software packages for sale; however, none of them offer the same reliable, consistent results characteristic of Tsunami Educators software. While it is true that no software system can absolutely guard against any downturns whatsoever, (the future is in fact not completely certain!) TSUBOT's performance is unmatched by the competition, and if the new trader follows its predictions carefully the odds of making consistent profits will increase dramatically.

Tsunami-Trade: day trading advice for the active daytrader. Day trading training with our proprietary day trading software. visit:

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