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By: Arianne Vorwerk
When you visit a salon or do it at home, there are many different ways to remove unwelcome hair. Here we might go through the techniques that are available.


A wax is great to use if you wish to get rid of hairs from a large area.This works by putting the wax on to a piece of paper or cloth, stuck to the skin and then peeled off which removes the hair with it.It has the benefit of being quick and successful but it may cause a number of redness and rashes and is not good for any sensitive skin.

Sugar Waxing

This is a less costly method that is similar to waxing except it uses a sugary paste.


Shaving is a very low-priced, fast and simple way of removing hair.The shaved hair may regrow swiftly however and it may get thicker.


With this technique hairs are pulled out with a twisted cotton thread.Many hairs might be pulled out at once and in neat rows making it great for areas including eyebrows.


This is one way to permanently remove hairs and works by delivering an electric current down a needle to the follicle of the hair so that it's damaged and doesn't return.This must be done properly incase a number of hairs aren't treated and it could be rather painful and time consuming.


These are creams that are treated to the skin and melt the hair. They're then wiped off the hair with them.This is successful for about one week, based on the person and is less painful than waxing, though not totally pain free.


This works by slowing the growth of hair and is designed to work for the face. It's prescription only and needs to be used in addition to other techniques of hair removal.


This technique of plucking is completed using tweezers and is fairly popular. The hairs are pulled out with tweezers one at a time. Though this method is inexpensive, it is time consuming and painful since the hairs are being plucked out.


Rather than getting rid of the hair it could be lightened to conceal it and this is particularly good for facial hair. This is a pain free way and may be done at home but has the inconvenience that the hair is still there.


This is a way of permanently getting rid of the hair and uses a laser. The laser is targeted at the follicle of the hair and the hair damaged to stop it from growing back again.Laser removal would be quite pricey but it works quickly and is consequently good for large areas of the body.

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