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By: lacyedith
Dell's latest, customizable Precision towers and mobile workstations will easily accommodate customers' personal and business needs. Each computer is reasonably-priced, and low monthly payments are available via financing. The following are just some of the "extras" that prospective customers will receive along with their Precision line desktop or laptop: a 30-day trial of Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services, a three-year "Basic Hardware Service" warranty, and three years of "NBD Limited Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis." More information about these and other services can be found on the company's website ( In the meantime, the remainder of this article will help you decide which Precision line computer best suits your budget and needs by providing you with an overview of a few of them. Towers Customers can tweak their Dell Precision tower (desktop) computer starting with the following versions of Windows operating systems: Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional (also available with XP mode), Windows 7 Ultimate (also available with XP mode), standard Windows 8 or Windows 8 Professional. The major difference between the home versions of Windows and the professional/ ultimate versions is that the professional/ultimate versions have additional security features that are geared toward business owners. For example, Branch Cache, AppLocker and Bitlocker will help users encrypt, modify and monitor data. As for the tower work stations themselves, the base model Dell Precision T1650 workstation comes packed with a 3.30GHz dual core CPU, 2GB RAM (which can be expanded up to 4GB), 250 GB hard drive, and a 16X DVD-ROM drive. This will undoubtedly be enough computer for the home user. Prospective customers who want more power and space will find what they are looking for in the Dell Precision T7600 Tower Workstation. This computer has pretty much everything the base model has, including an expandable DVD-ROM drive. Plus, it can be upgraded from single or dual four core 1.8GHz processors to a single four core 3.3 GHz CPU or a dual eight core 3.1 GHz CPU. The standard 4GB of RAM can be upgraded to an extremely fast 256 GB. In terms of hard drive/storage space, customers can opt to have just a boot drive or four additional drives, each ranging in size from the basic 250 GB up to 1TB. Monitors for each tower workstation are sold separately. Laptops Computer users who prefer the portability of a laptop will enjoy Dell's Precision mobile workstations for three reasons: First, they, like their desktop counterparts, are preloaded with Windows 7 and are customizable. Secondly, each mobile workstation weighs less than eight pounds. Lastly, screen display for the mobile workstations range from 15.6" to 17.3." The Precision M4600 Mobile Workstation, for example, has a 15.6" anti-glare screen - a plus for computer users who have to put in long hours. It also has a designer and gamer-friendly graphics card, 2GB of RAM, a 320 GB hard drive (both of which are expandable), and an 8X DVD+/-RW ROM drive. You can also add a standard keyboard and mouse to your package. The Dell Precision m6700 Mobile Workstation can be regarded as an "elite" mobile workstation, because everything is bigger and better here. The 17.3" screen makes reading data and watching videos easier on the eyes. With its 3rd Gen Intel® Core© i7-3720QM Processor and 8GB2 DDR3 SDRAM, this is definitely mobile productivity at its best. The 2GB GDDR5 graphics card will produce razor-sharp graphics, and the 500 GB hard drive will accommodate the average computer user. Now that you have a general idea of what the Dell Precision tower and mobile workstations have to offer, all you have to do is visit the company's website and place your order. The computers, on average, are shipped within forty-eight hours.

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