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By: Francisco Meusa
Do you want to lose weight naturally? Superfoods can help you with that. It's only fairly recently that science is catching up with nature through various studies and research. Before science came into the picture, people gained knowledge of which foods were good for their health and which ones were not, and over the years, they passed down this knowledge from generation to generation. With superfoods, you'll be hitting two birds with one stone: you'll lose weight and you'll be healthy in the process.

In other articles on superfoods, we have mentioned yogurt as an excellent weight loss superfood. In this article, we want to focus on an older form of yogurt whose origins go way back to Russia hundreds of years ago. This yogurt is known as Kefir and if there's one yogurt you should consume, it's this one because it's extremely healthy. Kefir is different from what you may be used to if you've never had it. Kefir's consistency is not at all like the consistency of the yogurt drinks you'd find in Western countries. This liquid yogurt is rich in calcium, probiotic beneficial bacteria, vitamins and minerals. If you love eating veggies, you'll be happy to know that broccoli has been identified as a superfood that helps with weight loss. Broccoli can be prepared and cooked in a variety of ways. Also, you can eat broccoli raw. All you need to do is cut the broccoli in small pieces and they're good to go as a healthy snack. When you do eat raw broccoli, however, stay away from the fatty dips. One good idea that's very tasty is dipping them in non-fat yogurts and even mix in some healthy berries. Its high fiber content is what makes broccoli a superfood. In addition, broccoli is loaded with vitamins A, C, and K -- all known to support fat loss.

A nutritious superfood that is great for encouraging weight loss is the sweet potato. Between regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, the latter are better to eat. Baked regular potatoes usually have no taste in them.

This is why people love to put butter and salt on their baked potatoes. As for sweet potatoes, there is no need to add anything to them because they're already well...sweet. Before you add anything to a baked sweet potato, just try eating it all by itself with nothing on it. Another thing about sweet potatoes is that they've got lots of minerals and vitamins. They're especially high in vitamin A. Another excellent nutrient found in high amounts in sweet potatoes is potassium. All these things help make sweet potatoes wonderful for promoting a healthy heart.

Fad diets aren't really effective in helping you lose weight permanently and healthily. It's better if you investigate what nature has to offer. There are plant superfoods that will actually burn fat, attack unhealthy cells and bacteria and more. You can use superfoods for weight loss and not only that, you'll be a lot healthier too.
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