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By: Floyd Boothby
The best purchase of my life was just made, would you believe it was an apple peeler?! I purchased it the other day and genuinely have not been able to stop eating apples! Since I got it the amount of rubbish food I eat has plummeted! The apple peeler is so quick and easy to use, it means you can prepare an apple as fast as you can unwrap a bar of chocolate! It does a great job too, I really could not believe it when I initially I tried it. It still shocks me how good a job it does. If anyone is trying to shed bodyweight, or even just loves eating apples, I suggest this this strongly! A lot of people say they like the skin. And so do I! I like to eat the big string of skin at the end. It has made eating them far more interesting, and I will definitely be looking out for other gadgets which are identical for other fruits!
Another great gadget are vegetable peelers. The amount of time I used to spend preparing food sickens me, when this whole time I could have been flying through with a vegetable peeler! I can now have supper prepared twice as quick with far less work! So you don't have to worry returning home from work to make the dinner anymore!
If you haven't already noticed, I have a thing about doing things as efficiently and quickly as possible. This is only so I can gain more free time for myself! I work for most of the day so why should I spend the rest of my time cooking dinner and such? I think so! So I personally look for shortcuts anywhere I can! If you think the same as I do, then you need these!
On the market there are thousands of time saving gadgets. Of course you have to sift through the crap, which there is a LOT of. Which is the reason I write these, so people like YOU don't have to search through the junk, I do it for you!
So there we have it! My take on life, and how I like to make the most of my time by doing things I enjoy and not just cooking for the family! To everyone who found this post helpful, I am glad! Thank you for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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