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By: Stack
Satellite TV has quite clearly outnumbered the cable TV operators. Billions of people across the world have switched over to satellite TV in the recent times. But still, you, as a cable TV viewer may ask ‘why I should switch over from cable to satellite, which is more costly?’ Well it’s a point certainly but there are several reasons behind people’s increasing preference towards satellite TV. DISH Network is the leading satellite TV service provider in the US at present. There are several other names but still it is the chosen 1. Why? Well, there are 5 reasons to go for DISH Network. Read on to know why you should opt for DISH Network.

Superior Quality: DISH Network doesn’t only entertain you 24x7 but provides a lot more. Apart from a lot of SD satellite channels DISH Network offers some HD channels that make TV watching a pleasure for one’s eyes and ears. DISH Network offers a wide spectrum of programming packages to choose from and each one comes loaded with over 100 DISH channels. Entertainment of all forms starting from movies to music, sports to reality shows, adventure to special interest are offered by different DISH Network channels. Moreover, there are some DISH HD channels that add to the charm with supreme picture quality and sound output with the highest clarity. For international communities, DISH Network offers a plethora of special language programming packages like Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic and lot more.

Advanced Equipments: To ensure that viewers do not miss a bit of entertainment, the satellite TV service provider digital video recorders (DVR). The DVR is a gadget which you can use to record shows automatically from channels to watch later. Apart from DVRs for the HD channels, DISH HD DVR is available for recording programs from the DISH HD channels.

Where viewers’ choice gets priority: one of the major issuers that cable TV viewers face is the frequent changing of channels. Cable operators offer channels according to their choices and often replace some channels with other without any notice. But DISH Network allows you to be choosy. You can discard channels that you do not like to watch from the menu. Besides, there are options like pay-per-view and video on demand. You can order for a particular show or a particular show for some hours by paying a nominal price for that. And at times when you feel like watching a movie of your choice you can select the video on demand option and place order for it through the remote or over the telephone. Facilities like these are unthinkable for cable TV viewers.

Easy installation: Unlike cable TV, DISH Network provides completely hassle-free installation. A DISH antenna is set facing the Southern Sky and it is linked with the DISH receivers which is again connected to the TV set. The installation is so simple that in case of any problem you can reset things very easily. If there is a sift of angle for the DISH antenna you can reset it using the compass which is attached to it and if there is a signal problem you can use the signal meter to detect the problem.

Savings: In terms of monthly rental a DISH Network package is costlier than your cable connection but in one such package you get lot more channels. The cheapest DISH Network Package is America’s Top 120 which is priced at $ 24.99 per month but the package comprises 120 channels including some HD channels. Most of the cable operators do not offer HD channels and those who provide a few, charge extra for each channel. But they are absolutely free with DISH Network packages. So instead of spending more, you actually save some money.

Another huge benefit that DISH Network subscribers enjoy is the free installation facility. The satellite TV service provider offers free installation in up to six rooms per connection, which you can’t just expect from your cable operator.

DISH Network is the undisputed champion in the Satellite TV industry in US. Check out the best DISH Network Deals and simply switch over to satellite TV from cable connection. For more information please visit-

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