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By: John Dugan
The benefits of exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are clear, and most people are aware, at least in theory, that physical activity is an important factor in overall health. Furthermore, it is easy to see why keeping the heart pumping and the waistline to reasonable proportions can help when it comes to stamina and function in the bedroom. However, most men will be surprised to learn that targeted exercises can have a direct effect on penis health ( and sexual prowess, helping to amp up their experience between the sheets.

Men who have been cleared for physical activity by their doctor can try these exercises for noticeable benefits in the bedroom:

• Crunches – The tried-and-true crunch is one of the best exercises for targeting the abdominal muscles, which are important when it comes to the thrusting action that men rely on to get the job done. While not all men are cut out for a full six-pack, adding crunches and sit-ups to the daily routine can help to improve power and stamina in bed.

• Pushups – In addition to powerful abs, a strong upper body can lead to obvious benefits in the bedroom. Men who can hold up their own bodies can experiment with a variety of angles and motions without the fatigue that may occur for those with less-developed musculature.

• Dead lifts – Dead lifts are ideal for developing strong back muscles, which can also lead to increased strength and stamina when it comes to bedroom acrobatics. Dead lifts should be approached with caution, however, as it is easy to do them wrong. Using a dumbbell or barbell in the gym can be effective, but men who are not experienced should seek advice from a physical trainer before attempting this alone.

• Pulling and pushing exercises – As with pushups, exercises such as rowing, a lateral machine, or pull-ups can help to develop the shoulders and chest, increasing men’s staying power and ability to hold himself or a partner in an advantageous position.

• Cardio - While strength is important, exercises which target heart health can’t be overlooked when it comes to bedroom performance. A strong heart and optimum circulation are not only needed for erectile function; adequate blood flow is essential in maintaining the health of the penis, as it is needed to nourish the nerves, skin and erectile tissue. A strong heart also means that a man can keep going much longer than one who prefers to exercise the remote from the comfort of the couch.

Men who are new to physical exercise are urged to see a doctor for a full physical evaluation before starting on any fitness regimen. While most people can benefit from some amount of exercise, knowing one’s limitations can help to prevent injury or worse during physical exertion.

Keeping the package primed and ready for action
While exercise can improve on performance in the bedroom, all of a man’s hard work may come to nothing if the skin of the penis is dry, irritated or sore. Keeping the skin of the penis well-moisturized and in top condition can help to ensure that a guy is ready for sex any time the opportunity arises.

Eating right is important in this respect, as the penis relies on specific nutrients to stay healthy and responsive. High-quality moisturizers also play a role in maintaining smooth and supple penis skin. After a daily shower, applying a high-quality penis health formula ( most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) enriched with nutrients that target penis tissue, such as vitamin A for healthy skin, vitamin C for circulatory health, and vitamin E for supple connective tissue, may help to improve the overall tone and texture of the penile skin.

For additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving male organ sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ, visit: John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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