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By: Jakob Cochran
Competitions are everywhere, Businesses especially those who are in industrial productions needs massive employee to create lots of products on production. Sometimes there are factors that affect the efficiency and speed of the production like creating microchips and products that need précised building or creation. The problem is that no matter how good the man is or the employee is there are some details that are needed to be done faster and smaller things can be assembled faster. Man would always think of something to improve the production of products which needed to be massively produced. As early as 1920’s people are thinking ways to create machinery that would help them produce with precision and faster than the normal human work. Industrial Robots are first introduced in the market as early as 1940’s but the first successful industrial robot are introduced during 1950’s by George Devol. These robots are almost 1/10,000 accurate after that several companies are testing and trying to build their own robots. Industrial robotics took off quickly in Europe as for European industry not to be back behind the powerful nations such as United States and japan which excel in terms of technology building.ABB Robotics is one of the first companies in Europe who introduced Industrial Robotics as early as 1973. These robots are highly demanded in foreign companies for faster and more efficient production. ABB robotics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial robot, modular manufacturing systems and service. A strong solution focuses manufacturers to improve productivity and product quality without sacrificing the workers safety. ABB has installed more than 200,000 robots worldwide. Making ABB as the best company yet the most known company that offers Robotics. They offer different varieties of robots depending on how your business needs it. They also offer robots with full automation. ABB also offers different products like machineries and power products for industrial needs To get more information about robotics just feel free to visit their site at ABB.CO.UK or visit which also offers different ABB products.

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