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By: racquetdepot
For a flawless shot in tennis, a tennis racquet should be perfect. The most vital thing for having an ideal tennis racket depends on the quality of tennis strings. You should pick a tennis racquet with the finest quality tennis strings, as the quality of the tennis strings matters a lot.
There are four main kinds of tennis string: natural gut, nylon, polyester and Kevlar. Within these four classes the four factors such as string Construction, string tension, string material and string gauge which should be considered before selecting tennis string.
There are a variety of brands in tennis strings. A few of them are ASHAWAY strings, GAMMA strings, FISCHER strings, GOSEN strings, HEAD strings BABOLAT strings, DUNLOP strings, , KRISCHBAUM strings, LUXILON strings, PRINCE strings, TECHNIFIBRE strings, VOLKL strings, WILSON strings and YONEX strings.
There is an array of products under these brands of tennis strings, few of them are discussed below.
a) WILSON strings
Wilson Hollow Core Pro 17 Squash Set:
Wilson Hollow Core Pro 17 has a smaller triangular hollow core for a \'crisper\' feel. The patented Hollow Core technology has fluorocarbon and nylon outer wraps. It has a unique triangular hollow core that compresses less than a round core for more control and also has an air filled core that provides power, comfort (shock absorption) and control. It’s Gauge: 1.27mm / 17
Wilson Ultra Synthetic Gut 16 200M Reel:
Wilson Ultra Synthetic Gut 15L is an all-round affordable performance string for the club player, featuring value for money. Ultra Synthetic Gut is Wilson\'s most popular tennis string and is also used for squash to provide good durability in today’s powerful squash racquets. It’s Gauge: 1.30mm / 16. Wilson Ultra Synthetic Gut 16 200M Reel strings approximately 20 full rackets.
b) ASHAWAY strings
Ashaway Composite XL 15 Set:
It got excellent tension holding properties. It is Very good combination of durability and playability.
It will be great for mid and over-sized frames. It’s Gauge: 1.45mm

c) BABOLAT strings

Babolat Pro Hurrciane 16 Set:
Used by many of the top players. It’s Babolat’s popular polyester string and the choice for Andy Roddick and Fernando Gonzalez. It is especially designed for string breakers looking for durability and playability. It’s Gauge: 1.30mm
d) YONEX strings.
Yonex Tough Brid 16 Hybrid Set:
It is a high polymer polyester main string that provides good durability. It has double layered high polymer nylon supports strong spin with solid feel. Its main string is a monofilament core finished with high polymer polyester. The cross string is a double layered high polymer nylon core with a Vectran wrap and special power spin coating. It’s Gauge: 1.25mm / 1.33.

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