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By: William Olsen
• 1. What you see is not what you get;
• 2. In order to make what you see as what you get, you need to learn and understand the light. And this requires a lot of time, efforts and patience;
• 3. What a photographer most needs is the ability to predict and get ready to capture the best moment;
• 4. All the equipments have its place;
• 5. Many excellent photography works that you can see are not captured by accident, they are the result of careful thinking and planning;
• 6. It is not enough just keep using DSLR shot every day, remember, you need to keep learning and try to improve;
• 7. Having SLR doesn't mean you have to always set in manual mode. Capturing the best moment is the most important thing. When the condition allows, you can explore your creativity;
• 8. Sometimes you may not be aware of this: the photos that you see on the Internet are all done with post processing. Spend some time mastering some post-production skills, they will always be useful,I'd like to introduce fotor( to you,a free online photo editor,I always exercise there;
• 9. You should be lenient to the piece rate. At the beginning, a few successful works are tens of thousands of shutter count;
• 10. You should know that expensive equipment is not equal to a better photo. Please have a thorough understanding of your equipment just like know your hand.

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