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Author: Daniel Swatton
For years people have been building, renting and buying flats and houses and buying the furniture to go in them. Standard furniture at that – made in 4 different sizes at most: with the biggest variety of, let’s say, another 4 different colours. How exciting. Bought out of necessity, not practicality. How useful. Standard wardrobes with only 655 mm of depth and being just over 2000mm tall – what a waste of the rest of the space between the wardrobe and the ceiling, and what if the space you have to put the wardrobe in is different to 655 mm?

Standard wardrobes are not made to your specification in regards to interior either. “Need an extra shelf, buy another shelving unit.” “There aren’t enough drawers; buy 2 lots.” All a clever ploy for you to spend more of your money on something that everyone else has and it bulks up your room! Now, everyone’s rooms all look the same, filled with the same generically cloned pieces of furniture.

So far, the verdict on standard furniture is that it’s uninventive, unoriginal and unsuitable in this day and age.

How do you stand out? How do you get originality? How do you break the mould of design?

With a made to measure wardrobe! Made to measure – to fit the space that is required. None of this – “it’s too low” or “it’s sticking out” – a perfect design made just for you! What more could anyone ask for? With a vast selection of wardrobe interior kits and wardrobe interior products, you can choose what’s right for you and design it yourself to your own needs.

Having a made to measure wardrobe is the best idea anyone could have as a storage solution. Being able to utilise every single bit of space and keeping it all simple behind stylish sliding doors.

Here at Deane Direct, we offer a variety styles and finishes – you can store your clothes with finesse and ease – choosing a frame to suit the flair of the room, followed by the glass or wood colour of the doors and finally the interior – a wardrobe all of your own that you know you’re going to love as you have designed it yourself.

Due to the fact that we fabricate the doors ourselves, it is guaranteed that what you design is what you will get. We follow your specifications and allow you to marvel in the design of your doing.

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Daniel Swatton is an author of article "Made to Measure Wardrobes – Revolutionary" written on fitting your own sliding wardrobe doors. For more information , please visit
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