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By: Ruairi Hernandez
July 14, 1956, the Changchun First Automobile Factory assembly line out of the liberation of a brand car, opened on the first page of the history of China's auto industry. Prior to this, the central government has its ready for a visible hand, this is the founding of the planned economic system, the state to implement centralized management of production, a unified balanced distribution system, this system all the supplies be divided into three categories: one, two, three. A kind of materials, also known as the materials allocated by the balance allocated by the State Planning Commission; two types of materials for the administration of the Ministry supplies assigned by the Ministers; three types of materials, also known as local supplies allocated by the local management. Governments at all levels have the pricing department, is responsible for formulating price management within a few decades, the list of materials allocated by state consumer has gone up, long and consumer, in any case increase or decrease, the car is always the list in the plan economic system, car distribution program: allocation table of the preparation of the plan of the State Planning Commission, after the approval given to the charge of the Ministry of automobile production machine, a machine organized by the Ministry of supply and demand sides open orders, signed a supply contract distribution targets, enterprise responsible for the organization of production and delivery. Use application indicators according to the administrative relationship automotive products unit, included in the mandatory state plan allocation of supply in 1963, the establishment of the State Materials Administration, responsible for the deployment of the car with sales of mechanical and electrical equipment company to which they belong. 1964 to the Purchasing Department is responsible for the car's unified sales, uniform supply, unified transit the unified capital management. Later in 1976, the car to the central and local levels, management, and implementation of regional balance in the reunification of the country under the scheme, the difference between the allocation of the way to spice varieties, belonging to the central arrangement plan by the central supply of raw materials, products allocated by the central allocation; belonging to local arrange car production planning, supply, sales by local organizations. Place can dominate about a quarter of the automotive program. 1977, car sales changed by the Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Bureau is responsible for car sales by professional material companies and automobile production department in charge of the implementation of the dual leadership of the early 1980s, the tide of reform and opening up, a rush, the State Council decision, the enterprise after the completion of the national supply contract own arrangements for the production of marketable products, which is owned enterprises since the beginning of the marketing rights. In 1986, the State Council directives to further narrow the mandatory plan, expansion of corporate self-distribution rights. Prescribed by the State Council, the enterprises themselves material, self-selling product, the price can go up 20%. In addition, the State Bureau of the BCCI approval of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, set up by the Ministry of Guangzhou, Tianjin Automobile Sales Company 1988, approved the establishment of the China Automobile Trading Corporation, 6 Automobile Trade Center changed the automotive trade branch, and add two weapons branch. Due to the four circulation in the form of existence, of automobile products also appeared in a variety of price coexistence, in some car prices, for example, the planned price of 28,000 yuan, plans floating price of 32,200 yuan, the materials sector wholesale price of 3.56 million, the market retail price of $ 3.8 million the same time, enterprises from the sales agency also began to grow and develop, such as t

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