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By: Nadir Gilbert
Askimo TV is an online TV broadcasts channel that offers live broadcast of expert interview from different areas of interests - Health, Laws, Family, Economics, Marketing and more.Askimo, a groundbreaking educational internet project that gathers interviews with experts in many languages on a wide variety of specialist subjects in order to compile the largest recorded public access Library in the world.At Askimo, browsers can find up to date information at any time, from anywhere and on any topic, including law, medicine, psychology, real estate, business, education,finance, travel, design and even the culinary arts. All the basic specialist information everyone needs is now available online, in your own language and from your own local experts!The Askimo Library is free!It is free for people to view the interviews and get the basic advice they need and it is free for the specialists to promote awareness in their fields of expertise with absolutely no advertising requirements!The Askimo Library is easy!Not just for the browsers, who have a world of information available at their fingertips, but for the experts as well. Each interview is only around 4-10 minutes long and is conducted through our online website platform using our innovative and unique technology developed specifically for Askimo. So now experts from everywhere and in every field can provide their much needed specialist advice from the convenience of their own laptop or smartphone with just an internet connection, a webcam and a microphone. The interviews are conducted in a simple question and answer format via internet video calls on our easy-to-use website, so there is no need for you to even leave your home or office to participate in this exciting, educational project.The Askimo Library is relevant!Not only are the interviews up to date and conducted in your own language, but the experts are from your own neighborhood. If you plan to open a cafe in Paris, on Askimo you can find advice in French that understand the unique laws, culinary preferences, real estate requirements and business practices that are only relevant in Paris.Our vision is that every person-expert around the world will contribute some of his/her knowledge for the public benefit. In a joint effort together we will be the largest expert video knowledge base.The Askimo interviewers work around the clock and ask the right questions you are looking for so you can search for the answer when you need it.The interviews are uploaded to Askimo website. You are also welcome to download your interview to your personal website, facebook page or anywhere you wish.If you have interesting information to share, in just five minutes you can join our well-reputed, specialist family and provide your unique knowledge to the entireworld.

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