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By: georgecapwa
It's man's instinct that we seek to safeguard our families from any financial difficulty especially when we we're gone, that is why there is life assurance. However, if you are a smoker, you are at a risk of paying more, due to your habit. Take note that assurance firms put occasional smokers and heavy smokers in the same boat. Cigarette smokers being financial liabilities, insurance firms make sure that there is no exception. So long as you have enjoyed smoking no matter how small the amount, you're an uncovered smoker. Those who chew tobacco or use nicotine patches still come under the category. Basically, just one single puff in a 12-month span will cost you more, for your assurance rates. The financial consequences of smoking go beyond the cash spent to buy your cigarettes. You're at risk of getting sick more, worse you have to pay higher life insurance quotes due to it. Nevertheless, you may be able to get cheap life insurance quotes from insurance agencies. Tips on how to achieve budget-friendly rates are discussed below. Break the habit - This may be a crazy notion to you, however it is a sacrifice you should make if you want cheaper life insurance. If you're able to muster the perseverance to give up smoking for12 months, you'll be able to belong to the non-smoker category and so, you'll pay less. Should you compare the life assurance quotes of smokers and non-smokers, you'd spot the difference in monthly premiums. There is no other way to get life cover at a cheaper premium. Life insurance plan quotes - Wait for a Few years before you apply - In case you have not smoked in at least 2 years, the company is able to consider you less of a liability. You may be allowed to avail of a regular life assurance policy. The lung tissue is claimed to heal five years after complete smoking cessation. So for your physical and financial interests, it's with great encouragement that you sign-up for a regular policy by then. This also helps erase the familiar aphorism "once a smoker always a smoker" from the minds of insurance providers. Be Resourceful - Die-hard smokers who choose to continue smoking have zero other option but to consider shopping around for cheap life cover for smokers. You may opt to compare quotes from assurance companies within your area. You can also find plenty of choices on the web, you need to be careful with all hoaxes you might get across. Some firms allow individuals to compute their personalized quotes online. Search for companies that offer premiums that suit your pocket. Smoking has never been good for anyone. While it might be hard to quit, your family and their total well being will benefit much from your willpower to carry such out. In case all efforts are to no avail, it's then to better select a life insurance plan that will protect you in less costly ways possible.

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