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By: Gardner Wilkins
Prestigious fabric provides curtains and blinds for any standards of houses but the standard of quality is never compromised. Whether the customer needs a custom-made curtain or a ready-made one, full product and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.Imagine how bland a window or a door would look if there were no curtains or blinds to cover them. The entire look of a bedroom or a living room changes with beautiful and matching curtains. Curtains serve a double purpose as besides decorating a room, they also act as barriers so that outside people can not see inside the room. Over the ages, the fabrics, colors, designs, and styles of curtains have evolved leading to the present day curtain styles. However, this is a continuously changing process and the styles differ with the tastes of different people. Many people like to add a personal touch to the draperies and make them their signature style. Prestigious fabric has been operating in the Cambridge area for the past twenty five years, producing some of the best designed curtains and blinds manufactured from most attractive and prestigious fabrics. They specialize in custom-made curtains and blinds so that customers can get the exact dimensions of the curtains that would fit their windows and doors. Moreover, the customers can also choose the fabric for making the curtains along with deciding on the designs of the curtains.Prestigious fabric provides a wide array of other accessories such as poles, tracks, co-ordinates, and trimmings to enable the customers to make their choice. Experts offer valuable suggestions to the customers regarding matching colors, styles, and accessories so that the net result is an attractive package of all the elements. Moreover, a complete range of other services is offered such as measuring the openings and installing the curtains or blinds. Services also include re-upholstery work and leather restoration.Customer satisfaction is the motto of the company and they leave no stone unturned in an effort to satisfy all the needs of their clients. They know that there is no better advertisement than word-of-mouth praise and as such they ensure quality of their products and complete satisfaction of the customers. The clarke and clarke wallpaper are stitched by qualified and experienced seamstresses in their state-of-the-art workshop which has the latest sewing machines and other equipment. Ready-made curtains are also available along with poles, tracks, cushions, tie-backs, and other accessories at most competitive prices. There is a large range of prestigious fabrics on display so that the customer can make his choice.Prestigious fabric has kept pace with the latest designs in vogue today and is also offering unlined curtains with layering. Some designs incorporate the use of two or three layers of curtains in different colors or weights in order to add a variety to how the curtains will move, hang, or change the extent to which light is allowed in the room. The basic aim of prestigious fabric is to provide the perfect look to the curtains with a wide choice of layering, colors, designs, and fabrics. Customers are greeted by smiling employees who are trained to treat all customers with utmost respect and to give the best service possible. The other facilities offered by them include free estimates, copying designs from photographs, and making custom-designed curtains as per the fancy of the customer. clarke and clarke curtains

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