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By: Doria Quinn
While there seems to be a large variety of places where individuals can go to watch their favorite movies or videos online, many of them seem to have hidden fees or require toolbar installations or other commitments some may feel uncomfortable with. However, there are also great places to view videos or even utilize a photo hosting service that will not require anything more than a few moments of registration that will make future log ins swift and easy.

3 Tips to Find the Best Free Video Hosting Site

When searching for the most functional and valuable site to watch your favorite movies online, consider several important issues before making a final selection.

Viewing Versus Interactivity

While many sites may allow you to freely view favored music videos, movies or other media, they may restrict interactions or the ability to upload. Each individual must then decide if they prefer a site where only viewing is possible, or determine if possible future needs will require them to upload their own audio, photo or video files.

If an individual knows that their future needs will entail the ability to upload their own files, it may be the best idea to do more thorough research to help find the best all-in-one site for their needs. Otherwise, it may then become not only a point of confusion about which site to log into, but it may also cause copy issues if an individual is planning to market or set creative commons rights to their work. It can help to eliminate a lot of confusion to find one comprehensive site that provides photo hosting , video hosting and even an audio hosting service.


Although there are many commonly used and more traditional formats for videos, audio files and photos, there are also several industries and niches that may require the use of formats more sparingly used. Video or graphics editors as well as those who are involved in just about any photography industry will likely be using the more high-quality, high-definition formats that some websites will not support for uploading.

Make certain to research thoroughly and do some test runs on the sites under consideration before committing to one specific location. Even if rarer formats are an uncommon requirement, it is always helpful to know well ahead of time if a favored video, audio, or photo hosting service will provide the most comprehensive functionality required.

Social Sharing

In today's digital world, social networking and sharing is one of the leading sources of word-of-mouth referrals, viral videos and marketing miracles that can happen to just about anyone, any time. If a site under consideration for a permanent video, photo and audio sharing tool doesn't have quick-click sharing buttons, it should probably be quickly eliminated as an option. Not only would this make critical sharing a bit more difficult, but it may be a sign that the video service isn't exactly caught up with the times. A site that doesn't keep up with critical trends may also have other developmental issues that could cause a loss of content.

If you are looking for a great audio hosting service, head over to and register today.

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