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By: kittykat
Prada is a luxury fashion brand of an Italy specialized in making Designer fashion items for men and women. Owning Prada Brand has become a status symbol with its high cost expensive items showing the world that you are successful.

“Prada Brothers” Company was started in 1913, in Milan, Italy by Mario Prada and Martino Prada. Initially the company sold only leather goods like luggage’s and shoes.

Mario’s son had no interest in the company so it was his daughter Luisia Prada who became the successor of Prada Company. She ran it for almost twenty years, after her daughter, Miuccia Prada joined the company in 1970 and took it over from her in 1978.

It was Miuccia Prada along with Partizio Bertelli, who joined as a manager for Prada in 1977, took the ascent of Prada into the High Fashion style Brand.
Miuccia was the first to release the Prada Handbag’s and it became a quick success.

These days every woman who wants to look smart and become style icon by owning Prada would probably want to buy Prada Handbags.

Prada offers wide range of collection of women handbags in different sizes, shapes and colours.
• Prada Women Designer Evening and Cosmetic Bags
• Prada Women Designer Messenger Bags
• Prada Women Designer Tote Bags

The silver and Black triangle has become the symbol of Prada to mark of every Handbag.
At Retail outlets Prada offers these products with in the range of $ 500- $2000 and above and some specially designed Handbags at even greater range of prices. For those women who want to join the club, owner of Prada handbags, should search for Prada Handbags online discount stores. This is where one can find authentic and cheap pradas with discounted prices and it become handy to buy just one for the starter or many for the collection to be proud owner of Prada.

There are many online stores offering discounts on Prada handbags. But always keep in mind to buy it from reputed supplier who offers 100% authentic merchandise. You can also find out some online shopping stores which offer you a money back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with their products. One of such online store is kittykatwomenbags which offers you great range of collection of Prada designer Handbags, Tote Bags and others at 50% and more discounted rates then their original retail price.
So if you want to be owner of status symbol Prada Handbags just log on to:

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