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By: Stan Estes
It's important that the tattoo design you pick conveys the kind of personality you have. Make sure that you do some investigation regarding what kind of design you want. There also other factors you have to take into account before you get inked, like the colors and size.Moreover, you need to consider where you would like to put your tattoo. A unique tattoo that can only be viewed by you and your partner is a very common option for ladies. Ladies also choose subtle tattoo designs on their ankles.A recent trend has been for mothers to have their children’s names tattooed on either upper arms or forearms as a display of their devotion. For those who have lost a loved one because of cancer are choosing designs of colored ribbons tattoo. Tribal tattoo designs have continued their domination with men getting larger over the last couple of years often covering their entire rib cage.As stated above, the ink color must be considered. Make sure that your skin and ink color fits. Some colours such as violet are considered to be effected by exposure to UV light, therefore should be avoided on areas like your arms. To protect your tattoo design from fading regardless of which colour you pick it is recommended to use sunscreen consistently when subjected to extended periods of high UV levels. Be sure to have your tattoo be put on the part of your body that can be covered as it may affect you when you'll work in a firm that does not permit body tattoos. You really don’t want to end up jobless since you have a tattoo.Speaking of job search, think about a situation that you're heading for a job interview covered with tattoo; this will surely decrease your chances of obtaining the job. So before you get inked, make sure you have picked a body part that will accommodate your tattoo design properly so that you can prevent any mishaps caused by your tattoo which can ruin something special to you like your future.Before planning to have a tattoo design, have a quote from your chosen tattoo artist for a total cost for the design. If it’s your very first time getting a tattoo then you’ll be shocked to know that having one can be quite expensive. All good tattoo artists are costly you don’t want an inexpensive tattoo as the consequences of a poor outcome can stay with you for life. Don’t fail to remember to ask just how long the inking process will be, so that you'll have a thought if you will be able to take the pain. For newbies, it would be best if they begin with small designs. People have a completely different viewpoint towards the sensation they feel in having a tattoo.Above everything, be sure to give emphasis on the quality of work of a particular artist. Never settle for those that don’t follow to rules and aren’t hygienic. Obtaining a tattoo is possibly harmful to your body if it’s not done properly. Your good friends who are accustomed to getting themselves tattooed can suggest artists for you. Or you can go to the closest tattoo shop and observe the tattoo artists’ overall work performance and if a particular tattoo artist isn't providing you the answers to your questions, then proceed find another one. Settle for an expert tattoo artist as it is only by them that you can be sure of having the outcome that you want. There is also a requirement for you to seek advice from a physician if in case you're suffering from any medical issues prior to having yourself tattooed.

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