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By: We-Vibe
Unfortunately it's true, the female orgasm can be elusive. Studies report that over 70% of women have problems getting to orgasm from typical couples love making alone (and some still say NEVER).

Although traditionally thought of as an extension of sex, the orgasm should really be thought of as an entity of its' own and its mastery requires troubleshooting and practice

As each woman is built differently (we like to say that "we all have a different shoe size") masturbation and oral sex are great ways to practice understanding what is required to get the job done, and what feel best for you or your partner in particular.

But if the goal is to increase orgasms during penetration, then that is where the practicing should be.

Women have been "blessed" with two key erogenous zones. The clitoris and the g-spot. And although that sounds like a nice hand to be dealt, it makes things complicated when it comes to getting off as most women need both of these places to be stimulated in order to orgasm.

If you aren't entirely sure about the G-spot, we have generously provided a step by step map to finding it here. But essentially it’s tucked just up inside the vaginal canal and is hard to reach in traditional positions without the help of a g-spot vibrator or g-spot toy.

The clitoris is more commonly understood. Sitting front and centre this button is key to getting excited but once intercourse begins, it can be difficult to stimulate manually at the same time as penetration. Again, this is where a toy can come in handy.
The key is dual. Both spots at once.

About the We-Vibe:

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