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By: Amanda Page
Working hard and finding great deals is the first part of being a successful wholesaler. However, it’s only half the equation. Without a super strong and accurate buyer’s list, you will have a hard time selling your deals quickly and efficiently.
Imagine a world where your real estate deals get sold within a few days. Imagine a day were buyers are fighting over your great deals. This is possible if you put the time and effort into building an extensive buyers list.
Here are a few tricks to build your buyers list and get your wholesale houses sold quick:

1. Facebook friends – Make friends with active house buyers in your city & send them messages with your deals.

2. Link email account to Facebook – Link your emailing program automatically to your Facebook, Twitter, & Linkedin pages to post new deals with ease.

3. Use Social Media Groups to sell your deals. Find active local real estate investing groups or fan pages and post your deals there. You could also start your own group and grow it with a Facebook ad.

4. Post your YouTube videos of your deals on social media investing group pages. This will draw new buyers to your landing page, which will help sell your deals and build your buyers list.

5. Use google ad words. Although costly, you can get serious buyers quickly. Make sure to do an A/B split to see which ads are working best. Take the directly to your buyers landing page where they can join your email list and also see your available deals.

6. Send out email blasts. Use a service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. They are very reasonable price-wise. Make sure to only add those that have given you permission so you don’t get in trouble for spamming.

7. REIA (Real Estate Investors Association). REIA is a great place to find active buyers. Get up on the mic during buy, sell, trade, & bring property flyers of your deals. Also bring a form so buyers can join your buyers list. You can also advertise in REIA’s newsletter for a minimal fee. I have been an active member of Cincinnati Real Estate Investors Association since 1998.

8. Bandit Signs. Although tacky, they will sell your deals. Find cheap chloroplast blank signs at a plastic distributing company and use a huge “magnum” marker to write the specifics of your deal. Put them out at busy intersections in the neighborhood your deal is in (Warning: Make sure to investigate your local laws, as you may get a fine).

9. Realtors. Although sometimes not easy to deal with, realtors have active buyers. Make friends with them, get their email address and add them to your buyers list. Some realtors turn out to be active buyers themselves.

10. Network with hard money lenders. By letting hard money lenders know what you have, you may stir up more business for them and a buyer you normally wouldn’t have. Pitch your specific deals to them and see what new buyers you can meet.

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