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By: stella watson
Tom and Jerry are a happy cat-mouse pair that chase each other, goof up, and never fail to amuse us with their silly antics. They are the best cartoons your child can watch and learn from, since their shows are quite harmless and free from violence, vulgarity and obscene content. If you are wondering why you must download free Tom and Jerry games for your child to play online, here are 7 surprising reasons that are going to make you stop and think.

• Tom and Jerry games are an effective educational tool.

Children learn more about colors, objects, places, and people through cartoon shows and games they play. When you give your kids free Tom and Jerry games from the Internet, you are actually providing them with an interesting educational tool that helps them learn more.

• Playing online games boosts creativity.

When kids play Tom and Jerry games, they are forced to think fast, act quickly, and make split second decisions. These help sharpen their acumen and intelligence.

• Tom and Jerry games are a good source of entertainment.

Who doesn’t like watching Tom chasing Jerry and landing in trouble eventually? Your children would love playing Tom and Jerry games and help Tom catch the clever Jerry in the end.

• Children are happy and confident when they win games.

Winning games boosts self confidence and happiness in children. There are Tom and Jerry games available at different levels, where kids can easily outwit Jerry and help Tom win the mouse in the end. Thus, your kids would be winning a lot of games and help enhance their self esteem.

• These games are free from vulgar content and are childish in their themes.

Most parents are wary about letting their kids play video games and online games since they have violence and promote unethical practices subtly. However, when you let children play Tom and Jerry games, rest assured, these games are innocent and full of harmless animatronics that your children would love.

• Tom and Jerry games are a great way to de-stress children.

Kids are also subject to peer pressure and stress unlike the trouble-free childhood we had. Changes in sleeping patterns, moodiness, and distress signs in kids are on the rise and in order to help kids recharge themselves and de-stress, let them play Tom and Jerry games for a while.

• They make for quality family time spent together.

We recommend you playing Tom and Jerry games with your kids and having quiet family moments together. These would be times you’ll both cherish at a later stage. And come on, don’t you love Tom and Jerry too? Free Tom and Jerry games online would energize and de-stress you too.

With these benefits and so many more, it is obvious that Tom and Jerry games online are the best gifts you can get your kids. We are sure your toddlers would love Tom and Jerry as much as you do – in spite of all the Ninjas and Pokemons they get to see on Cartoon Network today!

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