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By: Coffee Machines
If you want to have a cup of great tasting espresso, there is no more need for you to go to expensive coffee shops. You can simply buy your own coffee machine and enjoy thereafter unlimited cups of great tasting coffee. This idea may be unacceptable to some. Why would they spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the equipment? However, if people try to examine closely, having your own machine is actually a sound investment especially among coffee lovers.

Buying the machine though is not enough for a good quality coffee. It is of equal importance to buy a reliable grinder to achieve good shots of espresso.

What are the grinders for?

Brewing your own cup of espresso is a delicate process. Most coffee enthusiasts perceive espresso preparation as the harshest brewing method that may be thrown at coffee beans. The end product though is a taste of heaven. This is why attention to even the most minuscule detail is necessary.

To begin the process, you need to have a Coffee Grinder to ensure that you have beans that are fresh enough, sufficiently fine and adequately consistent. So when water passes through the beans, the extracts will contain the right amount of flavor. Buying pre-ground coffee is not an option as this will not yield the same great taste that the freshly ground ones can give.

Start the Quest with Budget

You begin your search for coffee grinders by examining your own budget first. Coffee aficionados often recommend that your choice of grinder must at least cost as much as your Coffee Machine. Spending more on the grinder though is not exactly a bad thing. An expensive grinder is often associated with better quality grinds. Better quality grinds mean achieving a better tasting espresso. Just be sure not to skimp on the grinder. Otherwise, you will only be disappointed with your espresso quality.

Blade vs Burr

When it comes to grinder, you can either choose to buy a blade or burr grinder. The bladed ones have blades that spin at high speeds to slice the coffee and deliver an adequate coffee grind. They are popular among many consumers because of their light weight, low price and portability. The quality they produce though is inadequate to produce good shots of espresso. Meanwhile, burr grinders contain two metal plates that rub together to give the coffee its wanted consistency. Burr grinders like Rancilio pound coffee at a slower pace to ensure that the coffee is not burned. Also, they usually achieve nice uniform grinds.



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