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By: Bruce
A wine basket is a versatile and highly personalized way to thank a friend, congratulate a loved one or acknowledge an important person in your life. A wine basket is easy to assemble and allows for a variety of bouquet possibilities all in the same gift. While assembling your own basket may not be practical because you don’t have time to daunt yourself with aisle after aisle of wine, or fuss over basket sizes, cellophane and bows – ordering a basket online is quick and easy, while still providing lots of selection.

Although it may seem impersonal to send a wine basket that you didn’t personally assemble, blood, sweat and tears – you are still taking the time to choose the wine you want in the basket. Buying a basket online does not mean that your personal touch will be missing. Many online companies allow you to dictate what wine, specifically, you want in the basket and that’s the most important part. The only thing you aren’t doing in the end is the wrapping job but you get the added bonus of not wasting time in the liquor store and the gift gets sent directly to the lucky recipient. What more could you ask for?

A common thing amongst companies who provide wine basket making services – as opposed to “prepackaged and you don’t get a choice” companies – is that they tend to carry an array of little extras as well. Wine is all well and good but what if you could include a new aerator in the basket too? Or even something simple like a wine stopper? That little bit extra helps add to the overall appeal of the basket and makes it unique, something that will stand out amongst other gifts. The other option is making a basket as a gift to give someone and collecting a few of the little extras for yourself. Being able to choose the contents of your own wine basket means you can create a theme. You can choose all wines from the same region, you could choose wines that span the globe, you can go all red or all white or mix the two – these are freedoms you miss out on when you choose companies that mass produce a specific type of wine basket. Premade baskets lack luster and are so generic that many people receive them because they are thought-free and easy to order in an instant. What if the person you need a gift for has already received this pre-packaged basket? What if they have two? It’s always better to strive to be original when gift giving and putting a bit of effort and thought into a gift, even a gift basket of wine, can go a long way.

A wine basket is a fantastic gift. It’s luxurious in a way that says, “Relax and unwind” while at the same time saying, “Congratulations, you deserve this!” However, a personalized wine basket says even more than that. The personal touch you give it by hand selecting the wine says “I know you,” and even “I love you.”

For birthday’s, Valentine’s Day, corporate gifting and more, our wine basket ( ) selections make the perfect gift for the wine lover on your list. To know about the health effects of wine, you may also visit Wikipedia ( ).

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