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By: Clair Gadegaard
Surely you have seen the films in which the wedding gets out of control, with Wedding Co-Ordinators, Ice Sculptors etc. This is not as ludicrous as it at first glance appears, as numerous weddings have spiralled out of control and there is a rule: "The More You Spend on a Wedding, the Tackier it gets". Keep in mind that, this is clearly not always the case, fact is that there is a growing trend towards low budgetwedding ceremonies, and suitably so.Once you make a decision on your seashore wedding spot, confirm whether it is a unrestricted or privately used beach. There might be limitations for either when holding weddings and receptions on the site. Be sure you ask a local or community clerk if there are any permits mandatory for your wedding as well as submit an application for them several months ahead of time.Today’s couples are aware that marriage ceremonies on a tight budget just make more sense than spending like crazy. That and the days when the bride’s parents pay for everything is nearly over. Today couples are often allocating their own money on the wedding as many of them live together well before the wedding ceremony. Tight budget weddings don’t need to suggest that you have to give up on style or sentimentality. It implies using your creative imagination, and using your own hands or the help of friends and family rather than paying through the nose for specialist.You could save a few bucks without the need for skimping on any of the good stuff. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing in order to make your ceremony wonderful. There are so many ideas that can make your wedding a great deal cheaper in the long run.The fact is parking has become another consideration when ever organizing a wedding. Some places have their parking a large distance from the wedding spot itself. If you're having elderly couples, young children or persons who have limited mobility, you may desire to rent golf carts and have “ushers” drive the guests directly to the spot. Portable restrooms are another good idea for your guests if there is not a close restroom location near your wedding ceremony site.As is with anything, have a backup plan when planning your beach wedding. Rain and winds can play havoc on a beach wedding and upset the entire ceremony. So, find a nearby building that can be rented, church or hotel. Usually if you are planning a wedding on a resort beach, they will have a party room, specifically designated for weddings and receptions.For anybody who is organizing a reception for your beach wedding, use all of these suggestions to create lasting decoration memories. Purchase pail and shovel sets from a local toy store. You can locate these very inexpensive and usually will come as sets. Load them with brilliant flowers, fresh fruit or chocolate. Buy candles with embedded sea shells already molded into them and set them on a dish, nestled amidst sand. Yet another idea is buying unique shaped bottles. Fill with colorful sand and stick tapered candles from the tops. By using common sense and planning ahead, you can create a beautiful, lasting memory that will give you and your new husband a new start to a lifetime of happiness.

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