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By: Stephen Kavita
It came to my great surprise when I discovered that big organizations are working day and night to get more twitter followers. A big computer company, Dell, has employed over 100 people to be sending tweets to their followers as an online marketing strategy. This goes to show just how explosive your business can be if you have many people following you on twitter.

A simple strategy of getting twitter followers is by promising to follow back anyone that is following you. It may prove to be tasking at first since people may view this as just a marketing gimmick. But with time when people notice that the number of people you are following is almost the same as those following you, then you may end up getting free followers. Remember it will only work if you keep to your promise.

You can also attract twitter followers while offline. Attend a party that you have been invited by your friend wearing a twitter t-shirt with your twitter user ID inscribed. This will work perfectly if you leave a lasting impression, thus instead of a t-shirt wear a funny hat written follow me. The secret is to be unique in marketing your twitter account.

Case studies have proved that the best strategy of getting twitter followers is becoming famous. Provide quality and insightful information to people in your niche and you will definitely receive followers. With time you may just find yourself listed among the most popular twitter lists. If this happens you can be rest assured of getting thousands of people following you daily.

Therefore, discover some of the popular twitter lists in your niche and try to get listed. In addition, this will guarantee you a targeted following which is the dream of any online business person seeking to market using his twitter followers list.

Click the links below and learn more valuable tips of building on your Twitter Followers.

Stephen writes rich content on Getting Twitter Followers. His website is on Money Making Ideas and Social Media Marketing. Visit his informative and insightful website at and learn more...

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