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By: Ely
When making long business or travelling just for leisure, it is crucial to ensure you have delegated responsibilities in your office as well to the rest of the family members. You need to know who will pick your calls, which will carry out your responsibilities and also who will look over your home while you are gone. Unless you have someone to drive you to the airport, you should make adequate preparations to secure a parking space in advance. There are benefits that accrue when you leave you vehicle in a parking but you should also choose carefully which Birmingham airport parking to park.

If you choose the Birmingham airport parking close to the terminals, you will indeed have a convenient place to park as you will only be a walking distance away from the terminals. This is the most beneficial thing as you do not have to struggle with your luggage both as you take your flight and also on the arrival date. You only have to wheel your luggage to the vehicle without huge inconveniences. However there are huge disadvantages that come with this. The Birmingham airport parking rates are higher for the parking spaces nearer the airport compared to those that are way off. This is because most people want to park close to the terminals driving up the demand and consequently the rates. You might find yourself paying close to three hundred percent higher than those who are off the airport. Worse still is if you choose to park within the airport parking bay where parking rates are usually calculated by the hour instead of days. This Birmingham airport parking rate can be high if you are going away for long trips where you will need to be away for more than a few weeks.

The traffic towards the Birmingham airport parking terminals is always congested. Birmingham airport is relatively busy and is always with a lot of vehicles either towards or from the terminals. It is hence a huge convenience to you if you have booked for a parking space closer to the terminals as you will have to move your vehicle to the parking hence encountering the stiff traffic. On the arrival date, the convenience of having a vehicle parked nearby cannot be compared to the huge inconvenience of being stuck in traffic as you try to snake your way to your office or to your home.

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