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By: Nak Sylla
When we study the American demographic today, you will find that more and more people are now falling out of the habit of substance abuse. Although how many people are able to succeed in doing so is a different issue, but the sheer volume of people that check into addiction treatment centers just goes to show the growing awareness in the public about the ill effects of these habits. You can thus conclude that more and more people now want to live a life that is free of the looming dangers that the continuous abuse and intake of these addictive
substances can cause.

A known fact about these addiction treatment centers is that most of them have their operations based on the 12 step recovery program, the revolutionary system that has helped countless people manage their addiction issues. But when I actually sit down and analyze just why do the efforts of people trying to quit these habits fail to produce effective results, I often find that the reason behind it is their inability to understand exactly what this system is all about. I believe that once people are able to grasp the principles that form the basis of the 12 step recovery program, their chances of getting out of their addictions will increase many fold. Their efforts will become more focused, their activities more productive and they will be able to understand the actual reasons behind why they are doing things, once they have a thorough understanding of the system. Therefore here I will try and explain exactly what the 12 step recovery program is all about.

Honesty, hope and faith

These are the three aspects that you should keep in mind from the very outset of the 12 step recovery program. These are the three pillars that you should base your mindset on. And if you are able to craft a frame of mind with these characteristics, then only will you stand a chance of making it through the program successfully and getting rid of your addictions from your life in an effective manner. Honesty will help establish where you are right now and will determine the actual amount of work required to move forward. Hope and faith will give you the persistence to keep going and not give up, until you successfully complete the 12 step recovery program.

Courage, discipline and action

These are the foundation upon which the entire 12 step recovery program is based. These three characteristics are essential in making sure that you persistently keep trying to make the right efforts and do whatever it takes to get yourself out of the grasp of the habits that are bad for your health. And that is the ultimate essence of the 12 step recovery program. It teaches you to get the right mindset and generate the will power required to keep going until you are free of your addictions. The 12 step recovery program also imparts the discipline required to prevent yourself from falling back into your old ways again.

About the Author

Nak Sylla runs his own rehab center that provides holistic treatment for addiction and also writes many informative articles about topics relating to getting rid of addictions and sobriety. His writing has helped many people in managing their substance abuse issues.

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