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By: viola
4GB Pinhole Camera DV Waterproof Wrist Watch is a black coloured watch. This is a product devised for you from the Chinese manufacturers. This multi functional watch has many features packed within a small device. It includes camera function, DV functions and motion detection too. Some of the other features include motion detection and PC camera. It supports 640*480 resolutions and is completely water proof watch. One of the main factors is the appearance and style of the watch that may drive you towards it. Let us know about some other features included in this waterproof watch.
There are a good one camera watch

This watch is 100 % brand new model that is offered to you by the Chinese manufacturers. This watch is black in colour and it has the most stylish looks. The memory capacity of this watch is around 4 GB. The video coding used is MPEG format and it uses video format of AVI. For the purpose of video usage, it goes with the resolution of 640*480 pixels. It has many of the player software associated with it and that includes operating systems or main stream movie playback software. It has the picture format of JPG that can be used by you easily. You can easily download the picture format. It has image scaling of the ratio 4:3. You may be wondering, how this small packed device is able to get away with so many features? There are yet many other features associated with it like it support Windows ME/ 2000/XP/2003/VISTA/MAC OS 10.4/Linux too. There are the features that help you use this wrist watch effectively. Just wonder you are wearing this watch and getting with all kinds of snaps and videos installed in your watch.

As it is known that this watch is water proof, you have working temperature 0-45 degree Celsius while its working humidity is 20% -80%. Its interface type is mini 4 pin USB. This watch uses lithium battery, which has high capacity polymer. So get going with the all new wrist watch in front of your eyes. This is a good product by the Chinese manufacturers and you can get it booked at your own place. The package with this wrist watch include 1 wrist watch, 1 USB cable, 1 user manual and 1 power adapter. If you have any issues with the functions of the wrist watch, you can easily get help with the user manual.
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