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By: Mercedez Rumps
December 21st of 2012 -- The end of the world is there (once more)

21 December 2012 -- The end of the world is now here (once again).

I'm writing these words about the end of the world today on December 20th. Since I don't remember what the Mayans said about the time (including the timezone) the world is gonna end tomorrow. Did the Mayans even use time zones? Do we even use the same estimation for time than the Mayans? I have no idea ...

What I know is that I got through some end of the worlds already. Like Y2K (there was a wonderful fiction book, but I don't remember the author and there are just too many books with that title ...), 12-21-2012 may be just another day and the only significance is what you have accomplished or didn't do at that day ...

I have no idea if 12-21-2012 is gonna be my last day. How would I know? I could kick the bucket any instant and so could you. It's more expected to die in a traffic accident than being shot at a horrible event like the shootings in Connecticut last week not to mention being victim of the end of the world. This is not an article to talk about gun control, community, nibiru, anunnaki, weed smoking jiu jitsu instructors nor the illuminati, the armageddon, zombies, religious beliefs or mass suicides. This blog post is about the meaning of life ...

Sounds more important than it may be. Yet in reality, it is the most important thing. Don't worry ... I won't drift into Philosophy here, but what I realize is that even people who claim to be untouched by big events such as this (wether they will happen or not), tend to be more self conscious and think about what they've accomplished in their lives. Did it matter to other individuals? Did they do what they wanted to do?

We also have to talk about death when we talk about the end of the world.

My buddy Justin (who's producing $ 40,000 a month with blogging) released on his blog about two weeks ago, what a nurse recorded and compiled as the top 5 regrets of the dying in her book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing. Since the end is near and the end of the world does mean you dying as well, I feel like giving out these five points with you.

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12/21/2012 -- The end of the world is right here (again)

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