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By: Florent Kusk
The status quo of China's food packaging China's food industry is now in a booming period. The appearance of food flexible packaging greatly improve the mechanization and automation level of food processing, and speed up the process of modernization and socialization of people eating lifestyle. In developed countries, food and beverage mostly take the use of flexible packaging, while flexible packaging development is lagging behind in China. There are two applications of aluminum foil in food packaging: one is the aluminum-plastic or aluminum paper composite packaging; the other is the multi-layer composite packaging of aluminum, plastic and paper - Tetra Pak. The need for aluminum foil bags in Chinese food flexible packaging is about 30,000 tons / year. Aluminum foil application areas First, chocolate and candy packaging, at present, chocolate packaging in China is basically using aluminum foil packaging, and the market demand is increasing with the expansion of chocolate consumer market. There are two kinds of candy packaging, one is a plastic composite or aluminum paper composite packaging, and the other is the use of the aluminized or single plastic bags; second, convenience foods, cooked food packaging, such as instant noodles and local specialty food. With the development of the food business market, this demand for aluminum bags food packaging is increasing and the development prospect is very optimistic; third, the packaging of dairy products, at present, milk powder all use the basic plastic composite packaging, and the packaging of liquid milk products use the aluminum foil tray. There are large regional differences in China and the regional distribution of the production and marketing of milk products is unreasonable providing a broad market for the aluminum foil aseptic packaging, so the China dairy development space is huge; fourth, a considerable part of tea and coffee use the plastic composite packaging, which is an important market for aluminum foil packaging.The prospects for the development of aluminum foil packagingThe foil packaging development is closely related to the progress of the material composite technology. Composite is divided into the grass-roots level, the functional layer and the heat sealing layer: the grassroots mainly play the role of the beautiful appearance, printing, moisture barrier; functional layer play the role in the barrier and lighting resistance and so on. The heat sealing layer is in direct contact with packaged goods to play the role ofthe adaptive resistance permeability, heat sealability, and other functions. With the development of grassroots materials and composite technology, aluminum foil packaging functions will continue to be improved.www.chinaunipak.comThe operation principle of our company is "To survive with quality and developed with credit" and we insist the purpose of "Mutual cooperation, mutual benefit and common development". By now, we have customers all over the world, including Japan, Australia, America, England, Middle East, etc. We have made stable and good cooperation relationship with them due to the most competitive price and the best service.The article is come from:

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