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By: mts mos
Are you planning to outsource medical transcription? Outsourcing is a practical alternative for busy medical entities, but it is important to choose the right service provider. Here are certain tips that will help you locate a suitable medical transcription company.

• HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) Compliance

The medical and personal data of a patient is vital as far as any medical care organization is concerned. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was instituted by the U.S. Congress specifically for the purpose of safeguarding patients’ identities and information, and protecting the rights of individuals. It is necessary to confirm that a medical transcription company is HIPAA compliant in order to ensure the confidentiality of all patient-related records.

• Reliability, accuracy and affordability

A medical transcription company must be reliable, and provide accurate and affordable medical transcription service. For this purpose, it must be backed by trained staff to transcribe reports for all major medical specialties such as pediatrics, orthopedics, gastroenterology, cardiology, internal medicine, radiology, chiropractic, podiatry and many more.

• High quality digital transcription for single or multiple location clinics

Consider whether the transcription firm provides superior quality digital medical transcription services designed specifically for single or multiple location multi-specialty clinics, hospital-based clinics and group practices. The workforce of such a company must be trained and monitored on HIPAA for privacy, security, and confidentiality.

• The transcription firm should consider every physician’s need as unique

It is vital to treat every physician’s need as unique and a team for every physician would go a long way in ensuring quality and standard. The transcription service must be designed to meet the specific requirements of various healthcare facilities including clinics, hospitals, community health centers, and individual healthcare practitioners.

• Talented and experienced team of medical transcription specialists

A team of talented medical transcription specialists that can efficiently transcribe medical reports is the most important factor. They should provide accurate transcripts within the required turnaround time.

• Speed in handling medical records

Speed is an important factor in transcription, and the transcripts should be provided quickly without compromising quality and security. It is equally important to ensure that the work is delivered efficiently on time every time.

• High volume of reports and notes

A high volume of medical reports and notes, and insurance related communications should be handled with utmost accuracy and speed. Medical transcription outsourcing should be to a reliable transcription firm that can meet even the most challenging requirements.

• Trustworthy partner

Ideally, the tie-up should be with a firm that can ensure superior quality services at affordable prices. Your partnering firm should be able to work as a virtual extension of your practice.

• Cost savings

You need to consider services that are cost effective. There are many reputable transcription firms that offer cost savings up to 40% for their clients.

• How easy it is to work with a medical transcription firm

Finally it is important to consider how easy it is to work with your partnering medical transcription company. It is best if the company does not insist on any long term yearly contracts. Dedication of the staff, their working style and the standards maintained are important considerations.

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