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By: Claire Coyne
Groceries delivery to their home allows the elderly to keep up an ability to provide their needs on their own. And some online grocery shopping services provide telephone ordering for those who desire not to order online. Just the thing for anyone who would rather not use the internet!Online Grocery Shopping Advantages:1. Online grocery stores' prices are very competitive. 2. Some services even ship perishables:meats dairy produce frozen foods3. Time and gasoline saved 4. No more tired feet shuffling through a frozen or scorching parking lot to the car to stow 6 sacks of groceries 5. No more recurring trips back and forth from the garage to the kitchen6. No more bus or taxi fares, while carrying too many bags by yourself7. Independence for: the elderly, the housebound, those laid up with the flu, times of transportation troubles8. Some services give cash back and Walmart cards for shopping through them.Online grocery shopping is a practice whose time has come. People are working longer and harder, having decreasing free time for themselves or their families. Many people like the idea of being able to grocery shop without ever stepping a foot outside their door. Most people buy things on the Internet, including online groceries. Grocery shopping may be an easy task for many, however there are a large amount of people who are too busy to physically go into a store. Grocery shopping may also be a challenge for the elderly or disabled people who don't have the resources or the ability to actually go to a store. An online grocery store is perfect for this targeted group of people who cannot leave their home.Other reasons why an online grocery store has become so popular is because consumers like the ability to buy items in private. A grocery store carries personal items as well along with food. Consumers also like the fact they can look for discounts and coupons on the Internet to save money. There are literally thousands of coupon sites on the Internet that can allow a grocery shopper to save hundreds of dollars. Most of these online stores also come with delivery services. This is when a delivery employee personally delivers the groceries to the customer's door. This is a convenient way to shop and it will also allow the customer to save time and money. Consumers also get the chance to be more selective when it comes to food items.'Green' shoppers or consumers who are environmentally aware like the idea of saving the Earth's resources by not using gas to go to the grocery store. E-shopping is expected to grow at least 50% in the next couple of years. Studies have also shown that shoppers are more likely to take their time when buying food online, which leads to healthier food selections. Since most shoppers have to actually click on what food item they are looking for, they will not be so tempted to purchase unhealthy foods because it's not sitting right in front of them (as it would be if a person was to physically go to a grocery store). There will also be a large amount of reduced waste. When shoppers buy their groceries from an online grocery store, they are not using plastic bags to store their items in until they get home.

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