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By: Fedrick Patrick
Screaming gaming desktop computers were the dream of the seventeen year old that lived, breathed and slept the world of video gaming. The young man was a player on line almost every night with friends' computers but he was close to getting one of his own. The teens budget was limited but the young man started off the investigation with the best of the best. The machine the young man looked at was the top of the line pro gaming systems and it was not for the shy or the weak player and it was anything but it was not an example of those cheap gaming computers a person could buy at a local big box store. This machine was built for nothing but speed and was akin to a small Japanese car loaded with a huge nitrous oxide tank in the back seat just begging for a street race.

As the young man would soon find out, heat is the major enemy of souped up game machines. Advice all over the Internet warned that upgrading gaming desktop computers with high performance sound cards, CPU and other components meant that the power system had to be upgraded and that means a lot more heat than the standard factory installed fan can handle. So the young man's dream machine stared at him from an inviting website. Cooled by three and a half liters of one hundred percent non-conductive ionized water that is pumped around the cabinet by a chilling radiator, this machine behemoth is also cooled by eight fans inside the cabinet to protect the vital components from burning up. The young man's eyes grew wide as the teen saw the brushed aluminum case and understood that taking this monster to a local LAN competition or other video game tournaments would make him the envy of everyone there.

But this beauty was over four thousand five hundred dollars. It was simply not in the teen's budget, but one day when the young man graduated from video gaming design school, he vowed that it would be his first purchase. So the search continued for cheap gaming computers, but the window shopping online would also continue. As the search began, the guys that really knew gaming desktop computers told him that the three most important components of any gaming system are the video card, memory and CPU. The video card does most of the work, but needs plenty of power to make its full potential shine. The memory has to be large enough or the games can slow down to molasses speed and if the CPU or central processing unit is not fast enough, the video card will not get a full workout.

The young man discovered that one way to build cheap gaming computers is to self build one. There are instructions online that describe the steps in building video game capable computers, and there are some tips on what to do as a person gets started on such a project. These tips include: Do enough research to know where a person can cut corners and which components should not be skimped on. Some parts, such as the CPU, memory and sound card must be the best a person can afford, so a builder must make an effort to understand the function of each and every part of the machine. Stay up on the latest technological trends to that mistakes aren't made in buying out dated components. Shop around extensively for the parts that are needed and use parts from old computers as much as possible. Finally, try and buy refurbished parts because they often have guarantees and can cost up to forty percent less.
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Address: 222 Spadina Avenue, Unit # 116 A Toronto, ON - M5T3B3
Zip code: M5T3B3
Contact person: Fedrick Patrick
Phone: 647-693-5036
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