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By: Dan Watkins
Valium was invented by Leo Sternbach of Hoffman-La Roche in 1963 just in time for the Kennedy assassination. This was reported extensively by Walter Cronkite who is now performing the introductions for Katie Couric, providing the CBS Night Information a sense of tradition, continuity, and a male voice in situation the folks rebel at the thought of a woman anchor. There are really handful of female anchors in Sadr City, which was renamed Saddam Metropolis by you know who. Never ever in the annals of lawful history has a war crimes trial been so obviously rigged. Ever since 4 of the protection attorneys were blasted to smitherines the complete defense team has been doping themselves silly just to go to court. This may describe why Saddam's lawyer Ramsey Clark the 67nd United States Lawyer Basic stated in his closing argument, "Man, I'm truly stoned your honour. This opium is primo. I haven't been this higher since Lyndon Johnson sent me to the Asian Pearl Brothel in Ho Chi Minh Town which employed to be called Saigon. I guess you're no person if a metropolis isn't called immediately after you. At minimum I have a condom referred to as following me, which may possibly be why the Pope has never invited me for supper. I mean who is he to talk? He only has an omelet named following him."Paxil is a more recent antidepressant created by Glaxo Smith Kline. In 2004 the FDA requested the containers to have a warning that the treatment induced an boost in suicidal views and behavior. This warning has now been placed on the Koran. Regrettably the suicide bomber grandmother was illiterate but it issues not now. Men and women neglect that Saddam Hussein was giving $twenty five,000 to the people of every Palestinian suicide bomber and threatened to obliterate Israel extended ahead of President Ahmidinejad even thought of it. Was there a link among Iraq and 9/11? Nicely, the hijackers have been all Muslim, the Iraqis are all Muslim, and the root of the problem is the automobile which was invented by Karl Benz on September eleven, 1885. For 5 million years prior to the invention of the automobile individuals walked or rode horses but now we are all heading into the Apocalypse preventing more than petrol. Our epitaph as a species will shortly go through, "We really feel the need to have for pace."Did you cram for your eye examination? Does a chilly, sweaty emotion creep in excess of your entire body as you wait to go into The Room? You know, The Darkish place with all the blinds drawn and the chair you plunk down into while Nurse Ratchet appears to be taking excellent joy in adjusting you into anything that seems like outdated sparky, the infamous Florida electric powered chair. Effectively she looked at you like she was sizing up your still left kidney for the dude out front didn't she?Then The Fort Collins Eye Doctor comes strolling in correct on time-Okay truthfully you had to wait a couple of minutes much more by itself,---in a dark area,---in a chair that considerably resembles Outdated Sparky,--- with plenty of time to consider about what was coming up coming.

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