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By: Ransom Laursen
Under the impact of European debt crisis, European and AmericanLED market demand is weak, and at the same time, the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions have improved LED products to enter the threshold. And as for the imported directional lights and LED lighting products they raised higher, more stringent requirements for the cover energy-saving environmental protection, ecological design, can efficiency label testing and inspection. Therefore, many domestic LED enterprises find themselves are in the situation of sharply fell in export orders. Since 2012, the profit is in a situation of negative growth or low growth. It is understood that the LED industry environment deterioration, the LED enterprises, especially SMEs downstream are difficult to survive. In the research, part of the entrepreneurs from led recessed ceiling lights industry also reflect that gross profit margin is more than 40% 3 or 4 years ago, but the industry profit margins have fallen sharply with the impact of increased competition as well as the sharp drop in export orders .LED Lighting is Short in Development FundsSome entrepreneurs think that in 2011, under the tight monetary policy environment, subject to quota restrictions, loan-to-deposit ratio constraints and other factors, add to the difficulty of the domestic enterprises to obtain bank loans; and majority are small and medium-sized enterprises in the wholesale LED lights industry, so the impact of monetary tightening for the LED industry is broader and more in-depth. Refused loans, delayed loans, to cut the amount of long-term loans into short-term loans, such as banks respond to the usual tricks of the LED business, LED SMEs have to face financing difficulties. It is understood that LED mainly obtains working capital from small and micro enterprises by UNPROFOR, guarantees company or small loan companies to but these funds, but the obtaining access threshold is too high, many LED enterprises are facing a shortage of funds predicament.The Plight of China's LED Lighting TradeIn addition, in the face of the grim moment of reduced orders in overseas markets, domestic LED enterprises are seeking a "domestic export sector development road"; we should say, the LED manufacturing enterprises are engaged in exports, both in terms of quality, or in technology and other aspects have certain advantages. But the LED market competition abroad is relatively complete system, as long as the product quality is reliable, not worried about better sales, while the domestic market is relatively immature, the key to the competitiveness of products from low-priced products, corporate public relations ability and personal connections. is a hi-tech enterprise combining technical research, development, manufacture and marketing. It specializes in researching and manufacturing LED residential and commercial lighting, ranging from LED Downlight, LED Panel Light, LED Tube light, led Bulb light, who is not only a products factory but also an excellent solution supplier. Welcome to visit our page! This article is come from:

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