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By: Brodie Kastrup
In our times today, more and more men are fascinated with straight razors and are using them for shaving. Simply because this type of razor offers you the cleanest and easiest shave you can ever have. But if you haven’t tried utilizing this type of razor yet, then you should really be mindful when utilizing one. Here is a straight razor for shaving guide to help you get off a greater start with your shaving routine.Initially, you need to assess the sharpness of a straight razor for shaving. If you think that having a really sharp blade causes much more cuts then you should think again. You could cut yourself if you will shave utilizing a dull razor as it snags various areas of your beard. You can generally see this in new users of straight razors in their shaving. For this reason, you should know the right means of shaving with a straight razor. Moreover, you must also learn to refurbish the edge by seeking the assistance of an expert straight razor user. Certainly, they can help you out in sharpening your own straight razor’s edges.The next thing will be to strop the edge of the blade, presuming at this phase that you already have a straight razor with a great shaving edge. This is a really vital step when using a razor for shaving. By removing the residue as well as buffing the microscopic teeth on the edge of the razor, you're truly refurbishing its sharpness. Knowing a good stropping method is important, as this will lead you to have a great shave, meaning that you'll have much less skin irritation and virtually eliminate the chances of getting cuts and scratches.After mastering all these procedures, you can now begin using a razor for shaving. You could stretch your skin for the area you would like to shave off and use the razor at about a 30 degree angle. Just before performing long strokes, start your way in practicing short strokes. Three shave passes are best to make sure a fine shave. The very first pass is conducted by following the grain of your beard. The second pass is done by adding shaving cream and also shaving your own face’s sides. Lastly, go alongside the grain, but check for your nose as well as ears. This is a very dangerous pass, so you should be truly cautious. By the time that you finished performing all three passes, you could rinse your face with cold water to tighten up your pores.These abovementioned tips can aid you in employing a straight razor for shaving. Furthermore, it’s also significant to choose the best straight razor shave to make certain you’ll get to prevent any cuts or nicks in your face.

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