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By: Eben Hirsch
When you get a new website you have an opportunity to avoid some pretty basic CPA website design mistakes. These mistakes can result in you not only losing out on customers, but worst case scenario you can even lose your website to a competitor.Mind Your DomainThe actual domain you purchase for the CPA website design is vitally important. This name is what individuals are going to look for and how they are going to find you online. If it doesn't have anything to do with your overall product, then you're going to struggle drawing in clients and new customers. You might find you actually have to purchase the domain from someone, but if this allows you to receive far more hits than with a poor site name, it works out best for you and the company.The single biggest mistake most startups make is not buying their domain themselves. Some unscrupulous registrars will offer to get your domain for you, then put it in a wholesale account in THEIR name. If this happens you don't own your website, they do. There's nothing stopping them from selling the domain out from under you after you've spent your time and money developing the site and building up it's authority.Make it an InvestmentWhen starting up, you probably don't have a ton of money to spend on a CPA website design. It is important to spend some money in the overall design, however this is often the first impression most prospects will get of your company. If it's not favorable they aren't likely to visit again. Invest in a professionally designed website and you'll get much better results.Keep it SimpleHave you ever visited a website that was just too complicated to use? What happened? You probably left and looked for a more user friendly site offering you the products or services you needed. This is exactly what might happen to your own site if you don't it simple. Make the site easy to use and user friendly and more individuals will stay on the website.Monitor Your Traffic StatsGoogle gives you all sorts of tools for investigating the best keywords and user data. Make sure to take advantage of this information when designing the website to maximize your exposure.Get HelpEveryone needs help at times. If you run into problems with the website design don't be scared to go out and find help.

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