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By: Adam Smith
The practice of scrutinizing professional data is called Reputation management. Brand and marketing management in the online world of internet is a new sector which has taken birth and is called Online Reputation Management. This new sector is entirely dependent on anecdotal and unpredictable critics, journalistic reviews, and user reviews which can be about everything and anything related to business. These reviews are in the range of strongly negative to strongly positive opinions carrying many variations in themselves about people, businesses, services and products.

In the process of managing online reputation, the company is responsible for collecting all the facts and figures from the various consumer generated surveys via comments, feedbacks, blog posts and other user content. The growth of reputation management has increased with the introduction of social media networking web sites. The information on these web sites gets transferred to people like fire in the forest. The basic work of online brand management is to look towards all the complaints of all the angry customers by solving their problems and making them happy.

To achieve success in an online business for long term, a company must emphasize on building its brand. Strategy of managing a healthy brand enables a company to get connected to its customers on an emotional level sending a positive message that the company is customer centric. To characterize your brand, a company should focus to achieve its goals and should have a definitive vision stating its beginning, end and a position where it wants to see itself in the internet domain. There are basically 3 eradicators used in the making of a strong brand in the world of online business.

Social network

A company should play an active role on all social media networking web sites, through which it can share some good, useful information and can even exchange thoughts with its customer and employees. The company should be sincere and honest in its vision making other people follow it automatically. The purpose of your presence should be clearly mentioned on all the profile pages.

Articles marketing

Must try and share your knowledge by expressing yourself in the format of an article and publish them on all the online article directories. One should not forget mentioning its references while finishing the article in the resource section. Do not forget to update your profile in all the directories where it is present accordingly.


Must try and collect as many email addresses as possible to make a strong data base of people you can email to strengthen your connectivity with them. Must send emails which motivate and teaches them to expect only good literature coming out from your end. This is an excellent way of strengthening your brand.

Integration of such strategic brand management tools will definitely produce long term good and favourable results, in the terms of total number of online customers for the business.

About BrandRevitalize

BrandRevitalize one of the world's Complete Online Reputation Management (ORM) since 2005 to provide protecting, repairing and reinforcing your name on the Internet. For more information on BrandRevitalize services visit

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