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By: murtaza vas
What if you discovered 4 biggest mistakes I made when I started my internet business? Do you want to know how you can avoid these mistakes and super charge your
internet success starting today?

Here are 4 simple steps to get you started...

Step 1 - I focused in learning website designing.

Step 2 - I did not plan out my marketing.

Step 3 - Lack of systems knowledge.

Step 4 - Failed to test my systems.

Here are step by step details to get you started right now...

Step 1 - I focused in learning website designing.

This is the biggest mistake I made. Website design is an altogether different career. But unfortunately it is a huge part of setting up an internet business.

When I was a newbie wordpress blogs were not very popular. Now with the advancement of wordpress I would highly recommend you to learn wordpress and how to put up a
simple template within wordpress to get started rather than learning complete website design stuff. This stuff took a whole lot of my time.

Step 2 - I did not plan out my marketing.

This is the place where you must focus 70% of your attention. I did the opposite. I just focused 10% of my efforts marketing my website.

It is absolutely important that you focus 70% of your time driving traffic to your website every day. If you fail to have traffic you will never make income from your
website. Traffic will get you leads, sell your products and make you an income that you desire.

Step 3 - Lack of systems knowledge.

If you are starting your internet business make sure you learn about systems. You must learn how systems work and how you can create a system, test it and leverage it
to grow in life and business. Without accurate knowledge of systems you are doomed to failure.

I would highly recommend you to check out Mark Joyner's systems training at simpleology. This is where I got my knowledge and I loved the way his course explained me
how systems work.

Step 4 - Failed to test my systems.

Testing is the key to know what is working and what is set to failure. If you fail to test your systems you will find your money getting leaked out from hundreds of
holes you will never be aware without testing and tracking.

I highly recommend getting hold of a good script like adtrackz to start testing and tracking every component of your website.

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