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By: vijayvinson
Caliper is the name given to the measurement tool that is helps in measuring the width of an object to the exact dimension. Calipers are mostly used for executing the jobs that involve mechanical engineering, woodworking and metal working. They are also used in the field of medicine. Before measuring an object, you need to adjust the caliper so that it perfectly fits the designated thing. Micrometers are one of the popular forms of calipers.

Calipers are comparators that are used for transferring a dimension from one location to another. They can be easily set from a particular work sample, from micrometers or from a rule. The most accurate setting can be acquired from a sample of work. Setting calipers from micrometers can also provide you with accurate measurements. Before using a caliper, check that its legs move easily.
Different types of calipers are there. Some of the main types of calipers are enumerated below:
• Inside Calipers: These measuring tools are specifically used for measuring the inner dimensions of the items like cylinders and pipes.

• Outside Calipers: These measuring devices are used for measuring the outer sides of the items like pipes and cylinders.

• Vernier Calipers: These instruments come with a measuring scale marked in inches or metrics.

• Dividers: These are used for marking work pieces. These devices come with sharp points.

• Digital Calipers: These are the latest measuring tools that come with an electronic digital display.

• Oddleg: It is basically used for scribing lines from a specified distance from the edge of a workstation.

• Dial Caliper: This is an improved version of a vernier caliper. Though more expensive than most other calipers, it is a reliable measuring tool.

• Micrometers: Micrometers is one of the most sought-after measuring instruments. It uses a calibrated screw for measuring objects.

The use of caliber can be traced back to the 6th century BC. The earliest caliper was traced in the Greek Giglio shipwreck. The caliber found in the Italian coast had a moveable jaw and a fixed jaw. The Romans also used calibers. If you peruse the history of the Han Dynasty, you will come to know about the increased use of calipers during this era. During this time, the Chinese used calipers that had slides made of bronze.

The vernier calipers that are used in the contemporary era were invented by an American called Joseph R. Brown. Brown invented this modern caliper in 1851. After the inauguration of his company called Brown and Sharpe, Joseph R. Brown used vernier caliper for exact measurements of things.

If you are planning to buy a caliper, make sure that you buy it from a reputable distributer of measuring tools. The well-known measuring tool companies are usually reliable and you can be sure of getting the high-quality products. If you want to get your preferred caliber sitting in the comfort of your home, you can reach out an online distributer of measuring tolls and place your order online.

Are you planning to buy a caliper? If so, you can browse through our website. We are a reputed online distributer of calipers, micrometers and all sorts of measuring tools.

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