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Author: SophieLaforest
Are you in your 20’s but seeing signs of balding? Bald spots can be quite unsightly and make a person look older than they really are. Males, especially, may feel extremely self-conscious and have lowered self-esteem because of hair loss. However, hair loss does not only occur in males—females are susceptible to hair loss also. Hair loss can be caused by various factors including genes, age, hormones, medications, medical conditions, or certain hairstyles. Here are three reasons why you should seek a hair transplant: natural-appearing results, it is a permanent solution to hair loss, and the procedure itself is relatively simple.

1. Natural Results
Hair transplant surgery involves moving hair from one part of the body (donor area) to another (recipient area). Transplanted hair cannot be rejected because tissue is moved from one part of the body to another is not foreign tissue. Hair transplantation is a beneficial hair restoration procedure because the surgery will produce the look and feel of real hair. You can opt to wear wigs and toupees but at the end of the day, the hair is fake and can be easily removed. Hair transplants can allow victims of hair loss feel more confident and sexy again with natural growing hair post-surgery.

2. Hair Growth for a Lifetime
When a Hair Transplant in Beverly Hills is done right, your hair stylist may not even detect that you had surgery in the first place. Unlike wigs and toupees, hair transplantation permanently allows real hair to grow from balding areas. The objective of hair restoration surgery is to relocate resistant hair follicles from the donor area to the balding or thinning areas of an individual’s scalp. Resistant hair follicles are hairs that are genetically resistant to balding. Thus, relocation of resistant hair follicles to the thinning areas will allow hair to permanently grow in those areas. The long term results from this surgery can boost self-esteem, confidence, and overall outlook on the individual’s life. To know more details about Hair Transplant in Beverly Hills Click this link

3. Simple Procedure
Today, hair transplant surgery is an outpatient procedure where patients can leave the same day. The hair transplant is relatively simple, only involving a few steps. First, resistant hair follicles from the donor site are removed. Next, technicians prepare the donor tissue for follicular unit hair grafts. After, the patient is given the local anesthesia and then tiny incisions are made in the balding areas. Lastly, follicular unit grafts are then carefully placed into the tiny incisions. Many people who undergo this procedure do not find any discomfort during or post-op.

Stop wasting time and money buying into hair loss solutions and treatments when a hair transplant surgery—when done right—is an effective hair restoration technique. Hair transplantation produces natural and permanent results and is a relatively simple procedure. Scheduling a consultation with a qualified hair transplant surgeon can give you a general idea of how Hair Restoration Pricing in Los Angeles works. Overcome hair loss and balding today by considering hair transplant surgery today.

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