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By: James Peterson
From gorgeous natural sites to Peru tour guides taking you through man-made wonders that still baffle archeologists, it is unlikely you can manage to catch it all in one trip. There are plenty of places to visit during your vacation in Peru, but there are a few highlights you won’t want to miss.

The Nazca Lines are one of the lesser known sites on a global scale, but you can be sure most Peru tour packages will include a trip to see them. The reason for the attraction? The Nazca Lines continue to be puzzling to even experienced Peru tour guides -- the stone ground is etched with lines that stretch across the landscape, and only when flying above in a helicopter tour do you see the grand design and shapes the lines make. The largest of the figures depicted with these lines is about 660 feet (or 200 meters) long.

If done in modern day, the Nazca Lines would not be an amazing feat, but Peru tour guides note that these were likely created sometime between 400 and 650 AD -- more than 1,300 years ago! No one is sure why these ground etchings were created if the designs could not be seen while they were completed, but it is suspected they may have had religious or ceremonial connotations. Either way, this is an amazing site to catch on Peru tour packages.

Machu Picchu is another man-made wonder worth catching as a part of Peru tour packages. These ruins are the former site of a 15-century Inca city that was untouched by Spanish conquest because the explorers did not find it for a long time, which is why it was preserved and not plundered. Located in the Cusco region, many of the structures and artifacts are intact and a special district surrounds the site to preserve its historical significance. About 100 years after it was built, the city was abandoned for unknown reasons, making it an interesting Peru tour to catch.

Much to the benefit of Peru tour packages, restoration has been ongoing for several decades, so more and more of the site becomes accessible to travelers wishing to get a taste of South American history. Peru tour guides will be able to highlight the recent restorations and events for you.

A little off the beaten path but definitely worth a look is the Nevado Mismi mountain and this is a place that not all Peru tour packages will take you. Not only does this spot allow outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy Peru’s natural beauty, but it was discovered within the last decade that it is the source of something greater. A National Geographic survey in 2001 discovered that on a rock wall of the Nevado Mismi mountain is a dribble of water that is the actual origin of the Amazon river that winds through South America.

Peru Tour Packages - Finding the source of the world’s most voluminous river was no small discovery, as it took a survey team with GPS technology to discover it during a trek through the Andes. You will likely have to ask if your Peru tour can include this destination.

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