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By: Lela Siverd
Anyone can write classified ads that convert once you get the fundamentals down. You can pick up almost any copywriting writing book and learn how to write a great headline for your ads. If you pick up a copywriting book to learn more about writing classified ads then pay close attention to the section on writing headlines. You can pick up a basic copywriting book and learn how to write headlines, arouse curiosity, and write strong calls to action. Given below are 3 classified writing tips to help you get more exposure.

You want an ad that gets potential customers to take the next step. Bring in an urgency factor into your ad so that your prospects know that it is a limited opportunity which isn't going to last forever. People who are interested in the product will take the plunge and buy. The entire goal is to get people to notice your ad and eventually buy your goods and services. Even though some prospects will be hesitant, the majority of them will try to take advantage of your offer before it's too late. One way of implementing the scarcity tactic is to announce that the offer will be soon ending. It's totally up to you how you bring in this factor; think out of the box and you'll get better ideas. With ads it all comes down to the right offer being matched with an effective ad. If you want your ad to be as successful as possible, you need to answer your prospects as soon as they answer any questions. That's because prospects are going to look forward to your product and so you need to take advantage of that fact. Your prompt answers can make people buy right then and there because they retain that purchasing mind set. However, don't make the mistake of making people wait for your answer or else your ad won't succeed.

Last but not the least; be honest about your product or service that you're promoting through your ad because over-hyping will get you nowhere. You also want your ads to convey honesty and integrity so it is wise to avoid the use of certain words and phrases. Your offer should follow through on what your ad says it is. In this business, dishonesty will kill your business because eventually people will catch on to it and quickly lose respect for you; basically, the short gains aren't worth it.

Lastly, you want every ad to be as simple as possible but also able to peak the interest of the reader; the ad needs to let the reader know that the product is what they need to solve their problem also. Your goal is always to get targeted traffic who want what you have to offer because this will guarantee that more people will buy if you have something of value.

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