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By: murtaza vas
Do you want to know about the 3 amazing tactics that I use on my website that makes me at least 3 times more profits and sales from my current website traffic?

What if I told you that it is a one time work to install these systems on your website?

Once done these simple marketing tactics will make more money for you from every new customer you get in to your product funnel.

What if I told you that top companies like Mc. Donald's use these tactics to boost their daily sales and now you can too use these same strategies to take your internet profits to the next level?

Do not under estimate the power of these strategies as you are reading them here for free.

These strategies can add few thousand dollars in your bottom line in near future as soon as you read this article start using these strategies for every product campaign you launch from now on.

You will surely see the difference. Let me explain you these 3 tactics.

1. Upsell offer.

2. Backend thank you page and confirmation page offer.

3. Download page offer.

These are the 3 places where you can place your offers for every product that you sell and this will literally boost your profits overnight.

1. Upsell offer.

When your visitor clicks on the order button to purchase your product give them an upsell offer.

Offer them to purchase one more product at a discounted price. Just add any offer to your order page you feel fine and this will boost your profits.

This simple tactic helped me to get 30% of my clients to purchase my upsell offer.

2. Backend thank you page and confirmation page offer.

When your client makes you the payment take them to a squeeze page where they will have to register to download your product.

As soon as they register by submitting their name and email give them an offer on the thank you page. You can ask them to confirm their subscription and give them one more offer on the confirmation page.

3. Download page offer.

On the download page where you provide access to your product give your customers one more offer. It can be an offer to purchase your high ticket product or subscribe to your one on one coaching program.

This is the place where your clients will be willing to purchase more from you provided you have given them a high quality front end product.

These tactics will make sure to triple your profits instantly.

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