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Few people know how expensive, frustrating and stressful this job can be. By entering this exciting career in real estate, told me that 70% of the agents are out of business within a year. I do not know how realistic that statistic is, but it is clear that there is a high volume of sales in this sector. Too much money and not enough money comes into play

I am now on track to have a successful career in real estate, but it has not been easy. I recently graduated from college with a business degree and started my real estate career at the age of 22 years, the housing market; I had a less than forgiving. Several times I asked why I started my career in real estate in such a short time, but that did not stop my drive to a real estate agent with success. So here are my tips to survive.

First and for most, you prepare for what happens to you. This is not a profession for the faint of heart. You must be prepared for ups and downs and be able to survive without being paid for months. When you enter this profession I was told that I would have enough money for a period of six months without being paid. Many of you are like me and I think that this is not the case. I thought it would be several months before I begin to reap the money, but it was five months before I got my first paycheck. Let me remind you that you have enough money for six months.

Second, find a company to be trained. I would not be where I am today without the formation of my company forever. There is much to learn in this business you need someone to guide you. I am currently in a 12-month mentoring is an expense every month, but an expense I’m willing to pay for your reward.

A third proposal is that any inhibitions. Get out there and knock on their doors, the call is finished and for sale lists of owners of each day, to make presentations to local businesses affected by the habit of calling, speak the local Chamber of Commerce and seek their transfer to lead. Find ways to get your name there, without spending money. I spent many hours last summer, knocking on doors and ask people if they were going to move in the near future. And guess what, some of them intend to move in!

Fourth, get a website and search engine optimization work. It is no secret that buyers are going to find a home on the Internet these days, so you better make sure that workers receive on your site. I just got my site a couple of months, but it is something that I’m improving and will continue to improve, because the Internet opportunities.

Fourth, having a website and SEO work. It is no secret that buyers find a home on the Internet these days, so you better make sure that workers receive on your site. I just got my site a few months, but it’s something that I am better and we will continue to improve, because the possibilities offered by the Internet.

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