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The garages have been sub-units. Apparently, someone fired into their garage and forget to turn off the car. He killed four people. After Charlotte made a law to have a carbon monoxide detector if you have any gas appliance.

When these appliances are properly ventilated, no problem. If false or malfunction of equipment for ventilation and allows large amounts of carbon dioxide released from the structure, may cause health risks. Its impact on the more difficult by the fact that CO is so difficult to locate. CO is rapidly absorbed by the body prevents the ability of blood to carry oxygen. This causes dizziness and nausea. More than 200 people die each year die of carbon monoxide CO detectors are available and their use is mandatory in some areas.

Groundwater contamination is a problem in some areas. Ground water is water that exists below the surface of the earth. Contamination of groundwater can threaten the supply of pure, clean water from private wells or public water systems. If water is contaminated, the land is natural filtering may not be sufficient to ensure the availability of clean water. Groundwater can be contaminated in several ways. There are flows of waste disposal sites, underground storage tanks, pesticides and herbicides are generally some of the sources.

There are many dangers you must evaluate and test their homes or are considering buying one of them. Some of these dangers, but are not limited to radon, asbestos, lead-based paint, carbon monoxide, and contamination of groundwater. The cost of testing for these risks is relatively small. The price is very small compared to the cost of the presence of environmental risk that do not know exists. For more information on environmental risks for the home, please call Sargam to

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