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There are other potential hazards in your home that are not child’s play. I’m talking about the environmental hazards that can affect your home. You should consider the environmental hazards in your home or when you plan to buy a house.

In my experience with the inspection of homes in Charlotte, North Carolina, I met some common dangers of the environment, you should be aware. Some of these risks are asbestos, carbon monoxide, lead, radon, carbon monoxide and contamination of groundwater. In this article I hope to identify the basic environmental hazards and describe the warning signs, characteristics, causes and solutions to various environmental hazards often exist in the real estate transaction.

Asbestos is a mineral that was once used as insulation because it was against fire and heat content efficiently. Asbestos was used in residential buildings, until it was banned in 1978. My checks are usually found in old houses conducted asbestos heat in the joints. Usually it is the fact that the white scarf is made of sheet metal channels.

Asbestos can be found covering the tubes, pipes and heating units and hot water. The properties of fire resistance of a material popularized, floor tiles, exterior siding and roofing materials. Today we know that breathing asbestos fibers can cause various respiratory diseases. Only in the presence of asbestos does not necessarily health hazard. Asbestos is only harmful if it interferes with or are exposed to it will cause the air. This happens often during the restructuring. Asbestos is very fragile.

As you age easily broken into small fragments and particles. When these particles in the air, posing a risk to humans. Asbestos is costly to remove, because the process requires special licenses and state technicians sealed environments. Elimination itself can be dangerous. The displacement can also pollute the air inside the structure.

The waste must be disposed of in a licensed facility. This further increases the cost of removal. Another method of control that can be better encapsulation. Encapsulation is the closure of asbestos disintegrate. More information about asbestos related issues is available at EPA (telephone: +919717089557). The EPA has published many that provide information about asbestos.

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