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By: amanda tom
Cherry master is one of the favorite arcade machines of the gaming enthusiasts of the United States. The primary objective of the cherry master players is to revolve the arcade machine wheel, pair the fruit symbols and acquire prizes. If the player can pair three symbols in a row, he will be able to win a large amount of money. If you want to improve your chances of winning the game, you can consider adding a fruit bonus gaming software. The pub owners in the United States often install these machines and gaming software to attract the gaming freaks to their pubs.

There are many gamers who believe that it is impossible to beat cherry master machines. However, the assumption is not right. It is definitely tough but possible to beat a cherry master machine if you know the trick. It is important to figure out the kind of machine you are handling and to do that, you need to follow certain guidelines. Using the fruit bonus software, as already stated, can improve your chances of winning the game.

You need to relax and check the screens when the cherry master is not being played. You need to try to identify the name of the company that has made the machine. As soon as the game screen starts, you will be able to see the name of the company in the upper left corner. The title screen will project the name of the program and at times the name of the manufacturer. Look at the game screen to know which program it uses.

You need to glance over specific things on that screen to get an idea about how to play on that specific cherry master machine. The screen will show you how high the Cherry and Bell Bonus goes. Just a look at the screen will let you know if the cherries go to 12, 9, 6 or 3 and if the bells go to 7, 3 or 2. You can beat the machine if the bells go to 2 and cherries go to 3.

At the beginning, bet 1 credit and push the start button. If you fail to win, repeat the process. You can repeat the process till you spin five times without winning. After you win, you can bet to 8 credits and push the start button. If the program shows you any 3 units of a particular symbol in a single row, know that the program is beatable.

Some of the factors that determine the chances of winning a cherry master game are as follows:

• The time at which the game was reset.
• The company that created the game.
• The number of losses undergone by the machine.

Knowing the aforementioned facts would assist you to track the game offering maximum chances of winning. If you want to improve the winning chances, you can add fruit bonus software to your machine. Judging from this point of view, it is always better to use a game that provides fruit bonus.
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